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The Role of OFWs in Shaping Filipino Family Dynamics while Living in Italy

14 May 2024

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have emerged as a significant group in the last several decades, influencing the socioeconomic conditions in the Philippines and the countries where they are employed. Italy is a particularly important location for Filipino migration, and it significantly affects domestic and international familial relations. Let's examine every aspect of the Filipino diaspora in Italy, particularly how it has impacted identities and family structures. Also, let’s discover valuable insights on making online money transfers from Italy to Philippines.

For many years, migration from the Philippines has been a well-known phenomenon, primarily due to the desire for better economic prospects outside. Millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are distributed worldwide, with Italy being a popular destination. The reason can be attributed to the need for both low- and skilled labor in various industries.

Understanding Filipino Family Dynamics

Following are the dynamics for Filipino expats in Italy:

Traditional Filipino Family Structure

Filipino families are renowned for having close relationships and being dependent on one another. Extended families living together is the usual configuration of the traditional family structure, which is patriarchal and places a great deal of authority and respect on elders. Filipino culture strongly emphasizes gatherings between families and festivities because they promote a feeling of connection and belonging.

Cultural Values and Practices

Values like respect for elders, close family ties, and sincere religious devotion are fundamentals of Filipino culture. Within the family, these values influence decision-making and mold interactions between family members. Respect for authority, especially parental authority, develops in people early on.

Reasons for Migration to Italy

The following are the significant reasons for migration to Italy:

Economic Opportunities

The search for improved economic opportunities is the leading cause of Filipino migration to Italy. Many OFWs work abroad to provide financial assistance for their families because of the prospective job market since salaries in the Philippines might not be sufficient to satisfy their needs. Italy presents excellent job creation and revenue development opportunities due to its expanding economy and labor demand.

Challenges in the Philippines

Despite attempts to boost economic growth and provide job opportunities locally, the Philippines still faces challenges, including poverty, unemployment, and underemployment. Many Filipinos are pushed by these socioeconomic factors to look for work overseas, sometimes displacing their family to find better opportunities. Also, there are many challenges; one of them being able to send money online to Philippines from Italy.

Impact on Filipino Families

Family dynamics have the following impact on Filipino families. 

Financial Remittances

Remittances are one of the most apparent effects of OFW migration on Filipino households. A sizable percentage of their wages are remitted home by OFWs, giving their families much-needed financial help. Remittances help to improve living standards and alleviate economic challenges by funding investments, healthcare, education, and household needs.

Emotional Strain and Separation

Pursuing economic prospects comes with a heavy price: OFWs sometimes have to spend much time away from their family. Both the OFWs and their families might experience the emotional strain of staying apart from loved ones, which can result in feelings of homesickness, worry, and loneliness. The absence of one or both parents throughout childhood might affect a child's emotional growth and well-being.

Adaptation to Italian Culture

Adaptation to Italian culture might be another significant challenge for the following reasons. 

Language and Communication

For many OFWs arriving in Italy, adjusting to a new language and culture is challenging. Although some people may already know basic Italian, learning the language is essential for integrating into Italian society and communicating effectively. Language limitations can make it hard to adjust, preventing one from accessing services, jobs, and social relationships.

Integration Challenges

Navigating social institutions, conventions, and cultural differences is necessary to integrate into Italian culture. OFWs may face significant challenges such as social isolation, prejudice, and cultural integration. Creating social networks within the Filipino population and establishing relationships with locals can help with assimilation and give a sense of community.

Support Systems for OFWs

Following are some types of support systems that make expats feel at home. 

Filipino Communities in Italy

Filipino groups in Italy give OFWs a sense of community, solidarity, and belonging, making them indispensable support systems. Cultural events, religious meetings, and mutual help are just a few of the services and activities offered by community organizations, spiritual connections, and social clubs. These networks help strengthen social cohesiveness and offer OFWs and their families practical and emotional assistance.

Money transfers from Italy to Philippines are a vital source of support and unity for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Filipino community in Italy. These communities offer a range of services and activities, including religious gatherings, cultural events, and mutual help initiatives, which offer OFWs a sense of support and belonging. 

Assistance Through Government and Non-Governmental Organizations

The Filipino government offers OFWs in Italy services and support through partnerships with migrant advocacy groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Among the most essential services provided to safeguard the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants are consular services, legal aid, support with repatriation, and information sharing. NGOs also provide financial literacy, skill development, and counseling to empower OFWs and their families.

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Cultural Ambassadors: OFWs Enriching Italian Society

In conclusion, OFWs have a significant impact on Filipino family dynamics in Italy that goes well beyond the liability to send money to Philippines from Italy; it affects relationships, identity, and communal life. OFWs demonstrate resiliency, ingenuity, and persistence in negotiating cultural adaptation and socioeconomic mobility despite the challenges of migration and separation. Their contributions to Filipino society enhance social cohesiveness and provide future generations with the tools they need to embrace their global citizenship and cultural heritage. 


What cultural impacts do overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) bring back to their Filipino families from their time in Italy?

OFWs return with cultural effects from Italy, including language proficiency, food tastes, altered lifestyles, and exposure to other cultures and traditions. These encounters strengthen the cultural fabric of Filipino families and communities back home.

In what ways do OFWs living in Italy support the upholding of Filipino customs and values within their own families?

OFWs frequently preserve Filipino characteristics like hospitality, strong family ties, elder respect, and bayanihan (community spirit) while living abroad. By transferring these ideals to their offspring and kin, they guarantee the survival of Filipino customs.

What typical obstacles do Overseas Filipino Workers face in preserving familial ties while residing in Italy?

Because OFWs are stationed far from their family, they frequently struggle with homesickness and distance. Language obstacles, cultural differences, and work-related obligations may also strain families.

How can overseas Filipino workers stay in touch and communicate with their families back home in the Philippines while residing in Italy?

To remain in touch with their family, OFWs use various communication methods, including social media, messaging applications, video chats, and phone conversations. Despite being physically distant, these technologies allow for constant updates and conversations.

What are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and what role do they play in Italian Filipino families?

Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs for short, are Filipinos who labor overseas to provide financial assistance for their families. They contribute significantly to the formation of Filipino families in Italy by offering opportunities, financial support, and cross-cultural interaction.

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