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The Role of ACE's Remittance Policy Reforms: Secure Money Transfers from Ireland to Ghana

The Role of ACE's Remittance Policy Reforms: Secure Money Transfers from Ireland to Ghana

26 Oct 2023

The popularity of online money transfer from Ireland to Ghana has been increasing greatly in recent eras. It is because online money transfer platforms are convenient and efficient. The advent of the digital remittance industry has eased the money transfer process to a greater extent.


According to research, there are almost 2,200 cyberattacks in a day, equating to more than 800,000 people being hacked yearly.


Apart from taking advantage of online money transfers, ensuring the digital security of your funds is also important. Digital hackers and cyber attackers are always trying to interrupt transfers and steal funds. To be safe from such attacks, you have to choose a reliable money transfer company that has good security conditions.

The Role of ACE Money Transfer in Providing a Secure Money Transfer to Ghana

The first thing to ensure the safety of your funds before transferring them to your home country is the reliability of a money transfer service provider. It is very difficult to trust a random organisation when it comes to the security of your hard-earned money. In this regard, ACE Money Transfer provides the best and most reliable service to its clients.


Money transfers done through ACE  are not only secure, but the company caters for its customers in the best way possible. It has the best terms and conditions, which provide 100% security to funds. The up-to-date digital security methods are used for the money-transferring process.

Salient Features that Make ACE the Most Secure Medium of Transferring Money to Ghana

Selecting a reputable money transfer company to send money to Ghana from Ireland is extremely important. You should conduct proper research and then select what suits you best. Here is why you should choose ACE Money Transfer if security and smooth transfer at the lowest fees are your concern.

Register and Verify your Identity in a Short Process

ACE Money Transfer provides a process in which you have to register yourself to the company once with the basic verification. Then, you can do all the money transfers from the same account. Apart from that, it also records the recipient’s information so that if you have to do repeated money transfers to Ghana, you can use the same information. 


Not only does this feature save you time to fill up lengthy forms again and again, but it also minimises the chance of error. You just have to put the information correctly once, and then you are easy to go for all future money transfers.

Double Check Recipient Details

ACE Money Transfer provides the best feature to double-check all the information before finalising the money transfer to Ghana from Ireland. It minimises the chances of error to zero. If you have made any mistake in recording the information, you can cancel it while double-checking.

Encryption and Fraud Protection

ACE Money Transfer is the best method to send money online to Ghana from Ireland because it provides transaction and payment methods that are two-way, encrypted, and protected. It uses secure payment methods. Digital security locks, biometric verifications and two-factor authentication ensure the safety of funds. Apart from that, ACE also provides a range of security measures.

Cancels Phishing and Scam Attempts 

Scammers and fraudsters are always monitoring money transfer companies and exhibit the attack as soon as they get an opportunity. The weak platforms are unable to block the attack, and users lose all their funds in the middle of money transfers. 


ACE Money Transfer has a special team that monitors the security gates of funds 24/7. If any suspicious activity occurs, it is blocked immediately. No scam or phishing attack can occur if you transfer money using ACE. Ghanaian expatriates have this facility that they can report if they are facing any online harassment. You should know how Ghanaian expats can protect themselves from online harassment.

Transparent Transfers and Tracking Funds

ACE has provided the best feature of transparent money transfers. With these features, you can track your funds throughout the process. Once your funds have been received by the recipients, you will receive a notification.

What to do if you Have Been Scammed While Sending Money Online?

If you have chosen an unreliable transfer company by mistake, and now you have been scammed, you should inform your bank as soon as possible so that it immediately stops further activities from your account. Your bank will also investigate the issue, and your money may be returned to you if possible.

Bottom Line

There is a major role of ACE Money Transfer in secure money transfers. You can send money to Ghana from Ireland with much ease and safety. If you want to avail yourself of the best services and do money transfers at the lowest costs, then start doing your transfers through ACE Money Transfer.


How do I make my bank transfer secure?

You can make your money transfer secure by checking your payee's details verbally with them before sending the money. Check all the details you have about the person receiving your money to match up with the account you are sending to before you complete the payment in case potential scammers use fake names or information.

What is the risk of money transfer?

Transfer risk is one issue to be aware of and involves the threat of the inability to convert local currency into the currency of another nation. Timing issues associated with getting funds from a sale may prevent the currency from being converted into the proper amount.

Is bank transfer 100% safe?

Sending money domestically or internationally via bank or wire transfer is safe to do. But only if you are 100% confident about who the recipient is. Most bank transfer fraud is done through mistaken identity – rather than a fault in the system.

Can someone reverse a bank transfer?

In most cases, once a bank transfer has been made, it can't be cancelled as the funds are usually transferred immediately. However, you should contact your bank as soon as possible if you need to cancel a bank transfer. If the payment hasn't been processed, they may be able to stop it.

How do banks secure online transactions?

Banks secure your transactions and personal information online using encryption software that converts the information into code that only your bank can read. Privacy policies and training. All banks have stringent privacy policies.


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