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The Advantages of Using an Online Bank for Your Remittance Transactions to Nepal

17 Jul 2023

With the advent of digitalisation, traditional banking systems have evolved significantly. Today, online banking has become a go-to option for most people because it offers a multitude of benefits, such as convenience, lower fees, and round-the-clock access. Nepalese diasporas are no exception when talking about remittance transfers back home from overseas. More than 2.1 million Nepalese live abroad, contributing to the country’s 23% GDP through remittances when they send money to Nepal from overseas.

As people's mobility is becoming more and more constrained, online transactions are becoming a viable option to satisfy a variety of needs, from primary needs (food, drinks, and other household supplies) to tertiary needs (gadgets, automobiles, or other hobbies).

Most banks provide online banking services that let you use your web browser to pay bills, transfer money, and access a history of your checking account transactions. The ability to conduct banking from the convenience of your couch at any hour of the day or night simplifies all of your financial transactions.

Technological advancements in the banking industry have revolutionised how you manage your finances. One of these advancements is online banking, which has numerous advantages, especially for remittance transactions. This article will explore the benefits of using an online bank for your remittance transactions to Nepal.

Statistics About Online Banking Transactions In Nepal 

As more and more people begin to conduct transactions online, internet banking (or "e-banking") is on the rise in Nepal. Internet banking is a convenient way to connect people in the hinterlands of a country like Nepal with challenging topographic terrain. According to the most recent information from Nepal Rastra Bank, there are approximately 4 million users of mobile banking and 0.78 million users of internet banking in Nepal. Adoption appears to be going pretty slowly. 

Only 2% of internet users made online purchases in the last year. And only 1.13% of adults have paid bills online using Internet banking—however, 16% made or received payments online in the last year. People are moving towards a cashless society, albeit very slowly. Since only 45% of adults in Nepal currently have a bank account, financial and banking literacy is crucial for developing and using Internet banking in that country.

Top Benefits Of Online Banking In Nepal 

Remember to take into account aspects like reputation, dependability, customer service, and the specific features and services the bank offers when selecting an online bank for remittance transactions to Nepal. Making an informed decision can be aided by thorough research and reading customer testimonials.

There are many important benefits to using an online bank for your remittance transactions. Its convenience is one of its main advantages. Thanks to online banking, you no longer need to go to a physical bank branch to initiate transactions or manage your remittances. This adaptability enables a rapid and effective money transfer to Nepal.


An easy way to send money to Nepal at any time and from any location is through online banks. You don't need to go to a physical bank branch to start transactions or manage your remittances. You can send money easily and quickly thanks to this flexibility.


Comparing online banks to traditional banks or money transfer services, the exchange rates and transaction fees are frequently more favourable with online banks. This can lead to sizable cost savings over time, especially for those who send remittances frequently.


Various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, can easily access online banking platforms. You can manage your remittances easily and keep tabs on the status of transactions thanks to this accessibility. Furthermore, you are able to get notifications when transfers are successful, giving you assurance.


The strict security measures reliable online banks use to protect your financial information and transactions. To guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, they make use of encryption protocols and authentication techniques. To add another layer of security, many online banks also provide fraud protection and reimbursement policies when you send money to Nepal.

Transfer Speeds

When compared to more conventional methods, online remittance platforms typically provide faster transfer speeds. Depending on the provider and the precise requirements for the transfer, transfers can be finished in a matter of minutes or hours. This guarantees that the money will reach your recipient in Nepal quickly.

Easy To Use Interface

Even those who may not be tech-savvy will find online banking platforms to be easy to use. These user interfaces typically provide easy-to-follow instructions, clear navigation, and intuitive features, making it simple to start sending money to Nepal without any hassles.

Integration of Additional Services

Bill payment, account management, and investment options are a few additional financial services online banks frequently offer. You can manage various financial tasks conveniently without the need for separate accounts or services when all of these services are available on one platform.

Easy To Check Out Your Transactions

You can access the history and transactions of your account in Nepal via online banking from any location. The quickest way to determine whether a transaction has cleared your account is through this method. Additionally, you can more quickly learn about any unauthorised transactions thanks to this, allowing you to challenge them right away.

Your pending transactions will be displayed by many banks. These are transactions that were started either on the current business day or after the previous business day's close of business but have not yet been finished. For a deeper understanding, read different types of money transfers in banks.

A Better Understanding Of Account Balance And Transactions

When banks switch to or emphasise online banking, they can have a significant online presence. As a result, engaging and educational content can draw large amounts of traffic and eventually convert it into customers. The bank's visibility is ultimately improved by this. While from the standpoint of the customer, online banking enables one to access immediate digital financial transactions and check on their bank statement without the need for pencil and paper.

There are many benefits to sending money to Nepal using an online bank, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, speed, accessibility, security, user-friendly interfaces, and integration with other services. To ensure a seamless and secure remittance experience, it's crucial to consider factors like reputation, dependability, customer support, and the specific features and services offered when choosing an online bank.

Bottom Line 

Online banking could be a huge help to everyone since most of the world operates remotely. When you have to transfer funds digitally, ACE Money Transfer tops the chart with the most customers trusting its services. Sending money to Nepal from overseas at the lowest fee and the highest exchange rates is possible together with ACE’s remittance solutions. So send money to Nepal online using ACE Money Transfer and grab the most benefits. 


How Is Secure Online Banking?

If you use caution, online banking is secure. Use a special password that is challenging to guess and avoid logging into your account on a public computer or public wifi. The use of two-factor authentication can make it more challenging for someone to access your account. 

What Exactly Is Nepali Internet Banking?

Internet banking is an online banking system that gives you the ability to conduct both financial and non-financial transactions from the comfort of your home using the net banking method.

What Issues Does Nepal's Internet Banking Have?

E-banking in Nepal faces three main challenges: risk management, infrastructure development, and policy formulation. The growth of e-banking in Nepal is being hampered by technological issues like connection issues when using ATMs to withdraw cash and poor mobile service.

How Do I Bank Online In Nepal?

Fill out the online banking application. Send it to the relevant branch. Get your user ID and passwords delivered to your email and mobile device. Start utilising Internet banking.

How Common Is The Use Of Online Payments In Nepal?

According to the data, 10.15 million of the 30.25 million account holders use mobile banking services, and 21.4% of Nepal's population is currently online. Similarly to this, 40% of online sales made use of digital payments after COVID.

What Is Nepal's Maximum Amount For An Online Transaction?

The amount that can be transacted daily through mobile applications and quick response (QR) codes has also been increased by the central bank through the new directive. From wallet to bank account or bank account to wallet, the daily transfer cap has been raised to Rs200,000.

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