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Sydney's Shores and Stories: The Interplay of Indigenous Heritage and Contemporary Australia that Overseas Moroccans Must Know

Sydney's Shores and Stories: The Interplay of Indigenous Heritage and Contemporary Australia that Overseas Moroccans Must Know

27 Oct 2023

Migrants from developing countries find Australia pretty appealing due to its economy, diverse culture, and education system. People from developing countries travel to Australia for education and work. A report by Morocco World News has quoted the Moroccan envoy to Australia, Karim Medrek, as saying in an interview with SBS Radio that about 10,000 Moroccans are living in Australia to earn a living. They send money to Morocco from Australia to financially support their families.

Living in Australia as a migrant, whether you belong to Morocco or any other country for that matter, will offer you many attractions. One of those attractions is the rich and diverse culture of Australia, exploring which is pretty fascinating. 

This blog aims to walk you through some of those Australian attractions and the best places in the country that are suited for you to reside in as a Moroccan migrant.

Essential Tips to Explore Australia

Living in Australia for work or education is one thing, but if you wish to explore the country of your residence, you will have to follow a few tips which are different from what you need to have to lead an expatriate life.

Because your simple expatriate life centres around earning a living to support your family back home. This leaves little room for you to come out of your tight routine. Right?

But then, will not sparing time and putting effort into exploring Australia be worth your stay in the country as a Moroccan?

Well, the answer is fairly obvious!

Let’s look at the essential tips to explore Australia.

Choosing the Right Season

For the exploration of Australia, make sure to choose the right season. Needless to say, the weather of your city of residence and where you wish to travel are never similar. So, choose the right season for exploring the country.

Know the Local Lingo

The main language in the country is English. But if you wish to enjoy the true Australian vibe, make sure to embrace the local lingo, which contains unique expressions.

Stay Away from Social Media

Exploring needs focus and concentration, but your mobile phone can be a distraction, hampering you from focusing and enjoying. So, make sure to keep your smartphone away from you during exploration.

Know the Quarantine Laws

While moving around in Australia, you must know and familiarise yourself with the quarantine law. This law says that you should declare every item you carry along with you, be it food, animal or anything else.

Choose Transport Wisely

Make sure that you choose your transport wisely. It is important because, in Australia, you find several means of commuting. But every method of commuting is not a fit for every purpose. So, a train may be fit for exploring the country but unfit for local commute.

Pack Luggage Smartly

Make sure to pack your luggage smartly when you are about to start exploring Australia as a Moroccan migrant. You have to return to where you are residing. So, calculate wisely what you need for the purpose, carry it with you and leave the rest behind.

Australia’s attractions include its awe-inspiring beaches. Let’s now explore some of the less traversed beaches of Sydney.

Sydney’s Less Traversed Secret Beaches

A visit to the beaches and shores of Sydney serves as a relaxant for you. Due to the immense beauty of these shores and beaches, you essentially need to visit these as therapy as soon as you get time from your tiring routine to earn a living and send money from Australia to Morocco to offer financial support to your family.

Apart from exploring Australia, it is also essential for you to know everything about the cost of living in Australia

A visit to the following few beaches in Sydney will allow you to enjoy the immense natural beauty of these areas without having to deal with large crowds.


Tamarama Beach is located around the Southern headland of the famous Bondi Beach. Locals call it Glamorama. This beach is worth visiting with its amazing beauty.

Gordons Bay

Gordons Bay is located south of Clovelly Beach in Sydney. It features an underwater nature trail. It is meant for scuba divers, and its crystal clear water allows snorkelers to read the information plaques below the surface.

Parsley Bay

This small slice of sand can make you feel as if you are on your private beach in the heart of Sydney Harbour. One of its defining features is the century-old cable suspension bridge that allows pedestrians to cross the bay on foot.

Clifton Gardens Beach

Clifton Gardens Beach has glittering white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water. It is a big attraction for the visitors as well as divers. You can also find coffee here as a kiosk is operating just a few steps on the beach’s eastern end.

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans beach lies near the Balmoral beach, which is super busy on warm days. But your visit to the Chinamans beach will allow you to watch yachts cruise and also to dip into the calm blue waters.

Let’s now quickly see a few cities that you can choose for your stay in Australia.

Best Places to Live in Australia

Finding a job in Australia as a Moroccan migrant should not be a problem for you due to the robust economy of the country. But the following few cities are more suited for migrants than others.


On top of the list comes Sydney, with several amenities and a comfortable lifestyle. The abundant presence of remittance transfer service providers also allows you to choose one of many ways to send money to Morocco from Australia.


This city offers a wide range of opportunities, making it an excellent choice for expatriates. It is known for its culture, sporting experiences, and culinary. Choosing it for your stay is worth it.


Since Brisbane has been evolving, it makes it the best place for you to live as a migrant. Its evolving nature keeps catering to the changing needs and requirements of its residents.


Perth has abundant landscapes that are awe-inspiring. The city has a temperate climate and a calm and tranquil way of life, giving you immense peace of mind.


In this city, you will find excellent transportation options to commute around, a diverse culture and affordable housing options for expatriates.

These are the top cities in Australia offering excellent living experiences.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Moving around and exploring Australia is essential for you as a Moroccan migrant because it will relieve you, reduce stress and instil in you more energy to earn more and send money online to Morocco from Australia for increased financial support. If you do so with ACE Money Transfer, you will be able to add more to your family-bound financial support by paying a low fee, getting market-competitive currency exchange rates, and much more.


Why do Moroccans travel to Australia?

Moroccans travel to Australia because it has a robust economy offering multiple job opportunities to job-seekers in different industries and also because of the best-quality education offered by several educational institutions.

What are some of the beautiful beaches in Australia?

Australia is home to several beautiful beaches, but some of those are famous and well-known. A few other beaches are equally beautiful but less traversed. These include Tramrama, Gordons Bay, Parsley Bay, Clifton Gardens Beach, and Chinamans Beach.

What is the benefit of visiting beaches in Australia?

Visiting beaches in Australia is an excellent experience that can relieve you, reduce the stress that comes with your tiring routine, infuse you with renewed energy, and give you a chance to explore the country.

What are the tips to explore Australia?

Some essential tips for exploring Australia include choosing the right weather, packing wisely, choosing the right transportation mode, knowing the quarantine laws and the right lingo, and so on. 

Which Australian cities are best suited for expatriates?

Some of the Australian cities best suited for expatriates are Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.


Moroccans in Australia (Moroccan Ambassador: Nearly 10,000 Moroccans Live in Australia (

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