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Supporting Family Back Home: Transitioning Your International Career in Australia as a Nigerian Expat Worker

Supporting Family Back Home: Transitioning Your International Career in Australia as a Nigerian Expat Worker

25 Oct 2023

As a Nigerian, you prefer to travel to Australia on two counts: one is the education quality with the diversity of institutions and courses. The other is the robust Australian economy and its thriving and expansive job market. It offers you jobs to earn a living to send money online to Nigeria from Australia to offer financial support.

The good news is that sending money from Australia to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer until the end of the year 2023 is fee-free!

Until then, you can make as many fee-free transfers back to Nigeria as possible, save on fees and increase the financial aid meant for your loved ones.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics report revealed that about 12,884 Nigerians live in Australia for jobs and study.

These Nigerians have selected jobs in several careers, and the best part is that they can make career transitions while living in Australia. This is the advantage you can have while working in a country with a robust economy like Australia. You can easily make a transition from one career to another because opportunities in such countries are multiple.

But have you ever thought about the factors that would prompt you to make a career transition? And what to consider while transitioning from one job to another? This blog aims to answer these questions.

Before answering these questions, let’s first look at some of the popular careers available for you in Australia as a Nigerian migrant.

Popular Careers Available in Australia for Nigerians

Although you can find jobs in almost every professional field in Australia, thanks to the country’s robust economy, the following careers have more potential to offer you jobs.

Software Development

With a degree in software development and relevant experience in the field, you will easily find jobs in several enterprises and businesses. The average annual salary of a software developer in Australia is around $90,000.

Such a huge salary can allow you to send more funds back home in your every money transfer from Australia to Nigeria, and that too fee-free until December 31st, 2023. This will help the recipient achieve financial independence faster than anticipated otherwise. Won’t you agree?


Professions and skills related to healthcare have always been in high demand in Australia. Therefore, with a degree in the nursing profession backed by experience, you can easily find a job in Australia with an average annual salary of $87,000.

Mental Health Support Professionals

After the advent of COVID-19, the people of Australia attached importance to mental health, leading to the rise in demand for such professionals in the country. A Psychologist can draw an average annual salary of $101,000, whereas a Psychiatrist can get an average annual salary of $190,000 in Australia.


Engineers in every field can easily find jobs in Australia and have a promising career. The average annual salary of a civil engineer is around $109,000, and an electrical engineer's is $110,000.

Marketing and Sales

If you have a knack for sales and marketing and have convincing powers, then finding a job in Australia is easy. The average annual salary of a sales and marketing professional in Australia is around $89,000.

Let’s now understand career transitioning.

Understanding Career Transitioning

Career transitioning is the process of discovering a new career and then pursuing it. It is also known as career switching. It also means leaving your current job or occupation to start a new career. It can also imply switching industries. For example, if you are working in the IT industry in any capacity and find an occupation more alluring in, say, the construction industry, you make a transition that is of a career as well as of the industry. But this is not necessarily the case. You can switch jobs within the same industry.

As a Nigerian migrant, your basic objective is to earn a living and send money to Nigeria online from Australia to offer financial support. Right? So, your basic consideration for a career transition is financial. But a few other considerations are also important before switching jobs.

Take a look below.

Important Considerations for a Career Transition

The following few considerations should be looked at when planning to switch jobs.

  • When the jobs and careers of your peers and people in your social circle make you curious about their jobs, which appear more exciting
  • When you lack self-assurance in your current job and career
  • When you wish to take on a new career with new responsibilities
  • When you know that the financials in your current role cannot increase beyond where they stand and you wish to get a greater salary
  • When the required work-life balance is absent in your current role and is exacting a toll on your health

If you come across these situations, you might want to consider switching careers.

Let’s now understand what is required for switching a career.

Steps to Make a Career Transition

While committing to a new career or job, consider the following steps lest you compromise your core objective of financially supporting your family through multiple ways to send money to Nigeria from Australia.

Because switching jobs is serious. This move can sway you this way or that way. And when you are a migrant, you should exercise extreme caution while switching jobs.

Find here also the easy steps to send money to Nigeria from abroad.

Identify Your Skills

Try to identify which skills you have that are required in the job you are switching to. Without skill identification, a career switch can have a negative effect.

Refine the Needed Skills

Determine the required skills and then refine those before the transition. Your existing skills may be excellent but not a perfect fit for your new career.

Know the Industry

If you are switching jobs within the same industry, then know the new job in advance. But if you are switching the industry, then know the industry and learn about it.

Consider Changes in Life

Every job impacts your life one way or the other, and you adjust accordingly. So, make sure that you have known and understood the changes your new job might have in your life.

These are some of the primary steps you have to take before making the transition.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Making career transitions in countries like Australia is easy due to plenty of jobs available due to the country’s strong economy. But how you send money to Nigeria from Australia may not be easy due to the costs and risks involved in the process. Yet doing so with some of the reputable service providers like ACE Money Transfer will offer you immense benefits, with the primary one being fee-free money transfers to Nigeria with market-competitive currency exchange rates until the end of 2023.


What is a career transition?

A career transition means leaving your current job and picking up a new career and job. You can do it within the same industry or between two different industries. 

When to make a career transition?

You can make a career transition when you find the jobs of your peers more appealing, you want a bigger salary, you are not satisfied with your current job, or your current job does not offer you self-assurance, your current job is exacting a toll on your health and life, and so on. 

Is it essential to make a career transition?

Making a career transition is not essential if there is no need. But if the factors highlighted above exist, then switching jobs becomes essential.

What are the steps involved in making a career transition?

Some of the major steps involved in the process are the identification of your skills, refining the skills needed for the new job, knowing about the new job or the industry, and the impacts of your new career on your life.

What are the major industries in which I can find jobs in Australia?

You can find jobs with an average annual salary of around $100,000 in Australia in software development, nursing, mental health support, engineering, and marketing and sales. You can find jobs in other industries, too, but professionals in these industries are the most sought-after.


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