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Staying Safe in a Digital World: Essential Apps and Tools for Gambian Migrants in Italy

Staying Safe in a Digital World: Essential Apps and Tools for Gambian Migrants in Italy

25 Oct 2023

That your life stands under the shadow of technology would be an understatement. Whether you shop online, pay bills or, as a Gambian migrant, send money to Gambia from Italy, you rely on technology and the internet, without which technology is incomplete.

But where technology has brought ease and convenience into your life, it has also paved the way for fraud and deception. The more you use technology and rely on it, your vulnerability to falling prey to online fraud and deceptions increases.

A report by Gainako stated that about 17,318 Gambians lived in Italy in 2019 to earn a living and support their families back home financially. And in today’s tech-driven world, what better way to send money across borders than online? But it has many a downside, of which your online safety is the biggest challenge.

This blog will shed light on staying safe in a digital world where every aspect of your life is almost completely digitised.

What is Online Safety?

Online safety or your security in a digital world refers to browsing the internet safely for whatever purpose. It means that you have to abstain from visiting suspicious sites and avoid clicking links whose authenticity you have no idea about.

You can use other terms like e-safety, cyber security, and internet security, but they all refer to your safety online.

For example, it also means staying safe while choosing a remittance transfer company for your every money transfer from Italy to Gambia because several unscrupulous service providers present in the industry will only fleece you if you do not exercise care and caution and do not have the essential safety apps and tools.

Why is Online Safety Important in a Digital World?

Imagine your life without the internet! Now imagine you are a Gambian expatriate living in Italy to earn a living, and you have to send financial support back home regularly, but there is no internet. A mere thought will send a cold wave down your spine!

It means that life has come to depend heavily on the internet and technology, without which things will take ugly turns and matters will complicated – even simple ones. Right?

Therefore, while you cannot drive away from the internet and have to use it essentially, the best way to use it is with care because it has certain risks and threats.

Before taking a look at some of the online dangers, let's first briefly understand why is staying safe online necessary for you as a Gambian migrant in Italy.

Why is My Online Safety Important as a Gambian Migrant in Italy?

You travel to Italy from Gambia for work as the flailing Gambian economy makes it difficult for the government to provide for its people. This breeds unemployment and poverty, leading you to find work elsewhere to earn a living and send money from Italy to Gambia to offer financial aid back home. Right?

In such a financially tight scenario, where you have to manage your life abroad alone and also support your family from far away, can you afford to be careless in your online money transfers? Well, the answer is clear and simple.

Let’s take a look at some of the key online threats before learning the tips to stay safe online.

Internet Dangers Threatening Online Safety

Following are some of the most common internet dangers that can threaten your online safety.

  • Identity theft
  • Data breach
  • Viruses and malware
  • Phishing
  • Fake websites
  • Online scams
  • Romance scams
  • Cyberbullying

Let’s take a quick look at some of the apps and tools that can help you ensure your online safety.

Apps and Tools for Your Online Safety

Some of the apps and tools for your online safety are listed below. But remember that not every app and tool is available to everyone everywhere. Some of the apps will not be available with their complete features in different parts of the world.


If you are looking for ways to send money to Gambia from Italy using your email and want to ensure safety, this is the best tool for you as it masks your email and uses a different disposable email for every transaction. It can even mask your credit card number, too.


No matter how hard you try not to leave your traces behind online, hackers can somehow trace data and use it to serve their purpose. But Optery not only removes your traces itself, it also gives you the necessary tools to do the job yourself.

Privacy Bee

Hackers can find every bit of your data online that you do not consider worth your attention. They piece such data together and can launch an identity theft attack. Privacy Bee finds such hackers instruct them to erase the data, and the best part is that the hackers have to comply.

Avast AntiTrack

With a nice profile online, you can create immense appeal to scammers. But it does not mean you should create a bland profile. With Avast AntiTrack, you can block scammers wanting to track your profile.

Abine DeleteMe

If you are using your one email account for many platforms, you might want to delete it from some of those platforms. But can you do it?  No. Because you cannot count the number of platforms you have integrated your email into. But Abine DeleteMe does the job for you.

Apart from these apps and tools, take a look at the simple steps you can take to enhance your online safety.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

This is an essential tool for your online safety as it filters out unscrupulous sites and keeps you protected from them. It also highlights profiles on social media that are similar to your genuine profile and saves you from impersonating scams.

Ghostery Privacy Suite

No matter how hard you try, your online presence cannot be as private as you think it is. But this tool adds an extension to your browsers that allows you to surf the internet without being tracked and traced online.

Norton AntiTrack

If someone wants to trace your online activity to steal your data and subject you to the dangers listed above, then this tool will block them from doing so. With this tool, you can stay safe from such scammers.

Safe Me

This is a simple tool that you can install on your smartphone to enhance the overall safety and security of your smartphone. It also walks you through several security awareness courses.


You receive a money transfer receipt from your service provider that has your, for example, account number on it. You tend to save it. But it is a sensitive picture a scammer can steal. But with this tool, such pictures will remain safe from others, allowing access to you only.

Using these tools and apps can ensure your online safety.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

For your online money transfers, cost-effectiveness is as important as safety. Right? This cost-effectiveness comes through paying a low fee and getting live and market-competitive exchange rates. Both of these you can get along with several other benefits should you send money online to Gambia from Italy with ACE Money Transfer.


What is online safety?

Online safety is about staying safe online while surfing the internet for any purpose. It also means knowing about the risks that are present online. 

Why is online safety important?

Online safety is important because through it you can protect yourself from online scams and the attacks of hackers. Furthermore, you rely heavily on the internet for several purposes and with enhanced usage, the risks and threats also increase.

Why should I be careful about my online safety?

You should be careful about your online safety because you shop online, send money across borders, share your information, and so on. So, if you are careless about your online safety, you can land in trouble. 

What are the common online dangers I can fall victim to?

Some of the common online dangers you can fall victim to include identity theft, data breaches, viruses, malware, phishing and email scams, fake websites, romance scams, cyberbullying, and so on. 

What are some of the apps and tools that can help me enhance my online safety?

Some of the important tools and apps you should have for your online safety include IronVest, Optery, Privacy Bee, Avast AntiTrack, Abine DeleteMe, Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, Ghostery Privacy Suite, Norton AntiTrack, Safe Me, and SafePic.


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