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Staying Healthy and Safe While Studying Abroad: Tips and Best Practices for Gambian Students

Staying Healthy and Safe While Studying Abroad: Tips and Best Practices for Gambian Students

14 Nov 2023

Are you looking for a stable and secure method of studying abroad and how to send money to Gambia securely? Everyone is aware that studying abroad can be a tons of fun, so you should make every effort to enjoy yourself as much as possible. 

Students must be aware of their responsibilities and the significance of maintaining their health and safety while living and studying away from home, in addition to understanding the many advantages of studying abroad. It's critical to be ready for any situation that might occur while studying in an uncertain world. Let's talk about some tips and best practices that Gambian students can use to stay safe while studying abroad in this article.

Health Tips For Gambian Students

Here are some health-related tips for Gambian students that benefit them long-term while studying abroad:

A Balanced And Timely Diet

The things you put inside your body play a role in your overall health. As a result, maintaining a healthy diet is also imperative. Foods high in fibre, protein, and carbohydrates, like lentils, rice, pasta, and soups, should make up the majority of your diet. For a healthy diet, don't forget to add a dash of green vegetables and some seasonal fruits. In addition to eating a balanced meal, you should keep a regular eating schedule. Start the day off right with a fruit smoothie for breakfast. 

Midway through the morning, consume a protein-rich snack. It supports blood glucose control to increase energy. You can have a filling lunch, but make sure to include some carbohydrates and salads for dinner. The most important thing is to try to eat dinner for at least a few hours before going to bed. This is the best advice on how to stay healthy and happy while living on a foreign land.

Maintain a Routine

You can study and work simultaneously to gain practical experience in the field you want to pursue if your mind and nerves are in good health. After completing your education, it enables you to pursue your career goals quickly. When you start making money and start looking for ways to send money home, the most reliable choice to send money to Gambia is ACE Money Transfer.

Every person has a routine that commands when to sleep, get up, and eat. Deviating from the routine interferes with how your internal systems normally operate. Your immune system is weakened by routine deviations over time. You become even more susceptible to illnesses and infections as a result. You must therefore maintain a routine despite the pressure of your studies.

Track Your Sleep Cycle

A phrase that refers to a healthy sleeping pattern is called "sleep hygiene." One needs to sleep enough to recover from physical and mental stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, foreign cities' nightlife draws students studying abroad too much. To create a healthy sleeping pattern, consider the following advice:

  • Schedule your sleep.
  • Getting up and going to bed early.
  • The blue light that electronic devices emit interferes with your ability to sleep, so try to limit your screen time before bed.
  • Before going to bed, avoid consuming liquids and large meals because they will be difficult to digest.
  • Create a dark, cool, and quiet space for a peaceful sleep environment.

Tips for Safety

It's crucial to put your safety first while studying abroad. Take into account the following advice to stay safe while travelling:

Familiarise Yourself With The Laws

Study the local laws and ordinances of the nation you are visiting. Learn about the legal drinking age, traffic laws, and any other rules that may impact your daily life.

Maintain Contact With Friends

Keep in touch frequently with your friends and family back home. Set up frequent check-ins and let them know where you are. It can be comforting to know that you have support at home and that someone is concerned about you. And you can say thanks to them by making an online money transfer to Gambia to your loved ones. 

Pay Close Attention To The Locals:

Pay attention to what the locals and other city dwellers are doing around you—it's a simple but incredibly powerful tip. Residents who have lived somewhere for a while understand what behaviours are risky, what parts are safe, and what parts are risky. If you're unsure of where you're going, avoid wandering off into remote areas.

This safety advice also applies to more minor incidents; pay attention to how pedestrians cross the street, how cars stop (or don't stop!) for them, whether or not locals are eating the street food, etc. By attempting to adapt quickly to local behaviours, one can avoid awkward or dangerous situations.

Identify Emergency Contacts

You will need a way to get in touch with emergency authorities in the worst-case scenario, such as major theft, injury, or hospitalisation. Be sure to have the following groups' telephone numbers, and email addresses handy:

  • Emergency hotline, local law enforcement, and fire departments.
  • International student adviser at your university.
  • Your embassy.
  • Parents or guardians.

The best-case scenario is that you always have a backup method of getting in touch with these authorities. You should be aware of the emergency contact number for citizens in trouble, especially if the embassy does not regularly check email.

Be Cautious 

There will be a lot to learn at first when you enter a new country! It's normal to experience a lot of adaptation, some disorientation, and even some difficulty speaking the native tongue. The best course of action is to initially concentrate on your academic work and university life while closely observing local customs and laws. 

Avoid engaging in risky behaviour until you are more comfortable navigating the city and the language because adjusting to a new country can be a slow process. At least initially, choose caution and take the safe route! After a year or two, when you are much more familiar with the local circumstances, you will always know how to stay safe. Once you learn how to talk, act, and walk like a local, staying out late or exploring a lesser-known area of town will be much safer for you.

Experiential learning, academic advancement, and personal development are all greatly facilitated by studying abroad. Gambian students can fully embrace the experience while prioritising their health and safety by ensuring a comfortable and rewarding journey. Always remember to plan, take care of your physical and mental health, and be cautious about your safety.

Bottom Line 

In the end, you want your study abroad experience to be enjoyable and trouble-free, and for the most part, it will be. However, by being aware of the risks, you can avoid any trouble and have a great time abroad. ACE's services should be used if you need to make any money transfers to Gambia while you are studying.


Which Fundamental Health Precautions Should You Take Before Visiting Another Country?

Make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you have the required immunisations, obtain any necessary medications, and discuss any particular health issues related to your destination.

How Can I Get Along With The People And Traditions Of My Host Nation?

Spend some time getting to know the regional etiquette, customs, and traditions. Respect the local culture, keep an open mind, and seize the chance to discover and come to appreciate other people's ways of life.

What Can I Do To Keep My Mental Health Strong While I Study Abroad?

Make self-care a priority, maintain contact with your family and friends, seek counselling if necessary, and take part in activities that advance well-being.

Are Gambian Students Studying Abroad Subject To Any Special Safety Concerns?

Gambian students should become familiar with the particular laws and rules of their host nation, be aware of their rights and obligations, and keep themselves informed about any safety risks or precautions specific to their nationality.

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