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Sending Money Safely: Essential Transfer Tips for Overseas Nigerians in Ireland

17 Aug 2023

Sending money home is an essential component of how Nigerian expatriates maintain their families and assist the economy of their home nation. However, with the numerous alternatives accessible in the modern digital era, securing the efficient and secure transfer of cash may be a difficult process. Let's look at crucial transfer advice for Nigerian expatriates living in Ireland who want to send money home safely and conveniently. These suggestions will assist you in making educated judgments and avoiding typical errors, whether you are thinking about using standard bank transfers or how to send money to Nigeria from Ireland.

Considering the Options for sending money to Nigeria: 

Conventional Bank Transfers

Traditional bank transfers have been a popular means of sending money for many years. It entails starting a bank transaction in which the sender's account is debited, and the recipient's account in Nigeria is credited with an amount equal to the debit in local currency. This technique is known, but because of the high fees, unfavourable exchange rates, and extended processing periods, it may not always be the most economical or efficient choice.

Overcome the Obstacles: Online Money Transfer to Nigeria

Online money transfer services have been increasingly popular in recent years, completely changing the remittance industry. These websites provide a simple, quick, and secure means of sending money to Nigeria. They frequently provide competitive exchange rates and lower costs, maximising the value of each transfer. 

Additionally, the majority of online money transfer platforms offer transaction tracking, giving senders and receivers peace of mind.

Finding Reliable Money Transfer Services

It's important to conduct research and select a trustworthy source when using online money transfer services. Find credible businesses that have a history of facilitating foreign remittances. Check their ratings and reviews, and see if the appropriate financial authorities have approved them. Your financial information is normally protected by strong security measures used by reputable companies, ensuring that your hard-earned money reaches your loved ones in Nigeria without trouble.

You can also choose ACE Money Transfer like several other expats who send money to Nigeria from Ireland using ACE’s services. You’ll get the lowest transfer costs, competitive exchange rates, and the most secure and fast transaction processing with the company.

send money to Nigeria online from Ireland


Setting Security Measures in Priority

When sending money abroad, security should come first. Advanced encryption technologies are used by reputable online money transfer businesses to safeguard your financial information from any internet dangers. To further improve security, some companies now feature multi-factor authentication. Use strong passwords that are only used for your accounts, and stay away from using unprotected or public Wi-Fi networks to access them.

Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees for Comparison

To minimise unforeseen expenses, it is crucial to compare transfer fees and currency rates across various money transfer companies. Despite the fact that some businesses may promote zero costs, they may make up for it by providing less favourable exchange rates. Others could provide competitive rates but charge more. 

Calculate the entire cost of the transfer, taking into account both the fees and the exchange rate provided by each provider, to make the most cost-effective decision. For example, ACE Money Transfer provides competitive rates for transferring money to Nigeria.

Additionally, if you want to send money to Nigeria securely with competitive rates, here is more information on how to send money to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer.

Using Remittance Apps to Make Life Easier

Some online money transfer companies have specialised remittance applications that make it simple to send money to Nigeria from your smartphone. These apps frequently include intuitive user interfaces, up-to-date exchange rate data, and speedy transaction processing. Some apps also provide rewards or loyalty programs for regular users to encourage the usage of their services further.

Considering Scams 

As with every financial transaction, there is a chance that cautious individuals will be the subject of scams or fraudulent schemes. Unwanted emails, phone calls, or texts soliciting personal information or money transfers should be avoided. Genuine money transfer companies would never email or post a request for private information on social media. When unsure, get in touch with the supplier immediately through their proper channels to confirm the legitimacy of the request.

Recipient Information Verification

To prevent misdirected transfers, it is a straightforward but essential step to double-check the recipient's details. Make that you have the right account number, full name, and other necessary information. Any inaccuracy in the recipient's data might cause delays or even the loss of money. To guarantee a seamless and successful transaction, spend some time verifying the details before starting the online money transfer.

Looking for one of the best service providers? ACE Money Transfer is the most viable option for an instant, secure, and economical money transfer to Nigeria from Ireland.

ACE Money Transfer for Secure Online Money Transfers

Sending money to Nigeria was made easier with the help of ACE Money Transfer, a trusted international money transfer service. Here are some factors that influence people's decision to send money to Nigeria using ACE Money Transfer:

Competitive Currency Rates: 

When compared to competing services that provide less favourable currency rates, ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates that can enable recipients to get more money in Nigeria.

Reduced Transfer Costs: 

ACE Money Transfer frequently provides reduced transfer costs, enabling senders to send money to Nigeria for less money.

Convenient Transfer Alternatives: 

The service may provide many transfer alternatives, such as mobile applications and web transfers, making it simple for senders to start transactions from any location at any time.

Wide Network and Coverage: 

ACE Money Transfer may have a wide network and coverage in Nigeria, making it possible for recipients to effortlessly receive their monies from many places all throughout the country.

Fast Transfer Speed: 

The service may provide speedy transfer times, allowing the funds to be sent to the intended party quickly, which is important in urgent circumstances.

A safe and dependable online money transfer experience is provided by ACE Money Transfer due to the security measures that are being put in place to safeguard customer data and funds.

Customer Service: 

If senders or receivers have any questions or problems throughout the transfer procedure, ACE Money Transfer may offer helpful customer support.

The Way Forward

You may guarantee a simple and secure money transfer to Nigeria by being aware of your alternatives, looking into reliable services, and placing security measures first. A simple and affordable alternative to traditional bank transfers, online money transfers to Nigeria offer the speed and efficiency needed in today's fast-paced world. 


What are the most reliable platforms for overseas Nigerians in Ireland to send money back home?

Numerous platforms cater to the needs of overseas Nigerians, including bank transfers, digital apps, and specialised money transfer services. It's important to select a service with a reputable track record, transparent fees, and strong customer reviews.

Are there any limits to how much money I can send to Nigeria from Ireland?

Yes, there might be transaction limits imposed either by the Irish government, Nigerian regulations, or the transfer service you use. Always check with your chosen platform and be aware of any international transfer restrictions.

How can I ensure that my money reaches its intended recipient safely?

Always double-check recipient details before initiating a transfer, use secure and reputable transfer platforms, and consider sending a test amount first. Additionally, inform your recipient ahead of time so they can confirm upon receipt.

What fees or charges should I expect when sending money to Nigeria from Ireland?
Fees can vary based on the transfer method used. Common charges include conversion fees, service fees, and sometimes intermediary bank fees. It's crucial to understand all associated costs upfront to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

How long does it typically take for money sent from Ireland to reach Nigeria?

The transfer duration can vary depending on the service used. While some digital platforms offer almost instantaneous transfers, traditional bank transfers might take a few days. Always check the estimated delivery time with your chosen service.

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