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Maintaining Indian Cultural Identity While Living in Australia

30 May 2024

Are you an Indian having a FOMO on Indian culture while living in Australia? It’s time to celebrate your identity while living miles away from your roots. Celebrating Indian heritage while in Australia is not only possible but also enriching. It allows you to stay connected to your roots and share your customs with others while making valuable money transfers from Australia to India.

For Indian expats in Australia, maintaining cultural ties and staying true to roots holds immense value as it gives a sense of belonging. Despite the distance, many ways exist to embrace Indian traditions and preserve your identity. This article will walk you through practical advice to nurture your heritage, from upholding traditions to building community relationships. Following these suggestions, you can relive your cultural background and navigate daily life in Australia while staying true to your Indian identity.

Stay Connected With Indian Culture in Australia

The diverse cultural landscape in Australia offers numerous opportunities for Indian expats to feel at home and stay connected to their roots. Here are the most effective ways to feel at home and maintain ties to your roots amidst this diversity.

Celebrate Your Indian Festivals

Participation in local celebrations will give you a sense of belonging and strengthen your cultural identity while creating a vibrant atmosphere. Celebrate Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Navratri, Maha Shivratri, and Holi in Australia to stay connected with your cultural heritage. Engage in community events, decorate with Indian crafts, cook traditional dishes, and dress up to showcase cultural pride. 

Build a Supportive Network

Establishing a robust network of Indian expatriates in Australia is crucial for maintaining cultural ties and facilitating secure online money transfers from Australia to India.

Join local Indian associations, community centers, or online forums to connect with like-minded individuals. Engage in these groups' cultural, religious, and social activities to foster connections, share experiences, and exchange cultural knowledge. 

Promote Indian Cuisines

Indian cuisine is celebrated for its rich flavors and diverse dishes. Embrace Indian cooking by preparing traditional recipes, dining at local restaurants, and mastering conventional cooking techniques and spices.

Host dinner parties to share your favorite dishes, and consider organizing potluck events to promote cultural exchange and celebration. These activities not only deepen your connection to Indian culinary heritage but also provide opportunities to share the flavors of India with friends and colleagues.

Improve Your Language Skills

Maintaining and improving your Hindi language skills will enable you to actively participate in cultural conversations and strengthen your connection to your cultural roots.

Enhance your Hindi language skills by engaging in regular discussions with family and friends in India, immersing yourself in Indian movies, TV shows, and literature, and listening to Hindi music. You can also join language exchange programs or enroll in Hindi language classes to develop your linguistic abilities further. 

Embrace Indian Culture in Australia

When you send money to India from Australia, maintaining Indian cultural identity goes way beyond celebrating Indian culture. You can also embrace your heritage by engaging in the following activities.  

Immerse Yourself in Indian Arts and Music

Delve into India's rich artistic and musical heritage to find immense cultural pride. Attend concerts, exhibitions, or cultural performances featuring Indian artists and explore traditional Indian music genres like classical, folk, and Bollywood. You can also learn to play traditional Indian instruments like the sitar, tabla, or flute. 

Use Modern Technology

Apart from utilising video calls, messaging apps, and social media to maintain connections with loved ones in India, you can also use technology to inform Australians about your culture. Share experiences and photos, and celebrate your traditions virtually. You can also access Indian news, music, movies, and literature online to immerse yourself in your heritage regardless of physical distance.  

Volunteer in Initiatives that Promote Indian Culture

Many organizations and events in Australia depend on volunteers to uphold Indian traditions. By dedicating time, skills, or resources, you can actively promote Indian culture in the local community. You can involve yourself in organizing festivals, assisting in language classes, participating in art exhibitions, or fundraising for community projects.

You can also volunteer to benefit the community, foster inclusivity, expand your network, and deepen your understanding of Indian traditions. Your contribution can also inspire others to embrace and appreciate Indian culture in Australia.

Are you an Indian traveling abroad? Here are some Tips and Insights that’ll help you settle in!

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones Back in India

Staying connected to your roots back home involves maintaining vital relationships with friends and family in India while living in Australia. Here’s how you can stay connected with your family.

Maintain Ties with Your Friends and Family in India

Regular communication via calls, video chats, and messaging will let you foster sharing experiences and offer support. Celebrate milestones remotely to strengthen bonds and sustain a sense of belonging.

Invest time and effort in these relationships to nurture a solid connection to Indian heritage. This way, you will get comfort and support to keep growing. Prioritise these connections to ensure a lasting bond and a meaningful link to one's roots. It highlights the importance of staying connected and engaged with family and culture.  

Support Your Loved Ones Financially with the Help of ACE

Supporting your family financially deepens the connection and helps them overcome homesickness. Navigating financial transactions in a new country may seem challenging, but for Indian expats in Australia, ACE Money Transfer provides a reassuring solution.

The service's user-friendly interface guarantees efficient and secure remittance to India. ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates and supportive customer service, allowing expats to make instant money transfers to India from Australia.

ACE Money Transfer — The Way Forward

Staying connected to your Indian heritage while in Australia is vital for Indian expatriates. To achieve this, celebrating festivals and traditions, nurturing a supportive network, engaging with arts and music and utilizing technology for connection plays a vital role. These strategies ensure a strong bond with Indian culture, fostering a sense of identity, belonging, and pride in your heritage.

ACE Money Transfer provides a convenient and reliable solution. Its user-friendly online platform and mobile app enable easy transfer initiation from home, prioritizing safety and security. ACE Money Transfer's extensive network of partner banks and cash pickup locations across India ensures swift and convenient access to funds. Whether for family support, education, or other purposes, ACE Money Transfer lets you send money online from Australia to India efficiently.  


How can Indian expats celebrate Indian festivals in Australia?

Indian expats in Australia can celebrate festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Navratri, and Holi by participating in local celebrations, decorating with Indian crafts, cooking traditional dishes, and engaging in community events.

What are some tips for staying connected with family back in India while living in Australia?

 To stay connected with family in India while in Australia, prioritize regular communication via calls, video chats, and messaging. Celebrate milestones remotely to foster bonds and maintain a sense of belonging.

How can Indian expats promote Indian culture in Australia?

Indian expats in Australia can promote Indian culture by joining local Indian associations, organizing festivals, assisting in language classes, participating in art exhibitions, and supporting initiatives that uphold Indian traditions.

What role does technology play in maintaining cultural ties for Indian expats in Australia?

Technology allows Indian expats to maintain connections with loved ones in India, share experiences and photos virtually, access Indian news, music, movies, and literature online, and celebrate traditions irrespective of physical distance.

How does ACE Money Transfer assist Indian expats in Australia with financial support for their loved ones in India?

ACE Money Transfer provides a user-friendly interface for secure remittance to India. It offers competitive exchange rates and supportive customer service for instant money transfers, enabling Indian expats to support their loved ones financially.

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