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Language Barriers to Language Bonds: Embracing Local Communication as an International Indian Student in Australia

18 Sep 2023

Did you know that there are 96,000 Indian students studying in Australian universities? These students graduate and join the workforce in Australia and contribute to the Indian economy when they send money to India from Australia to provide financial assistance to their families. However, one common problem prevalent in the international student community is understanding and communicating in Australian English. This blog aims to equip all aspiring Indian students with the tips of mastering the expression in Australian English for a seamless educational journey.

Why are Effective Communication Skills Crucial in Your Profession and Education?

Effective communication skill that requires good knowledge of your host country’s language is crucial in the university or profession for a number of reasons. Here are a few of them:

Preventing Misunderstandings

Conflicts in the class, confusion, delays, and blunders can all result from poor communication. For instance, if you send your teacher or team members an ambiguous or confusing email, they can miss crucial instructions or information or get the wrong idea about your intentions or expectations.

Understanding the Curriculum

There is a lot to learn and adjust to when starting a new degree abroad. You should be able to speak to the instructors and professors and ask the appropriate questions. For instance, you should be able to approach your teachers or a classmate nicely and respectfully if you need assistance with an assignment or project. You should also be able to communicate the situation to them clearly and concisely, which is only possible in Australia if you are adept in English.

Creating Connections

Having positive relationships with your classmates can increase your productivity and enjoyment at the university. You should be able to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals, including peers, superiors, clients, and stakeholders. Additionally, you should be able to engage in social activities like having lunch or coffee with class fellows, attending gatherings or events, and taking part in casual chats.

Tips to Overcome Communication Barriers in Australia as an Indian Expat?


Don't be Embarrassed

You'll think you speak like a five-year-old, but if you don't practise, your speech won't get any better. Don't let yourself fall into the trap of overthinking and becoming the talk of the town. After those first positive encounters, your trust will soar, and before you know it, you'll be speaking with assurance.

Always remember the larger goal of making a money transfer from Australia to India for your family, awaiting your support.

Movies and TV Shows

This is unquestionably the safest approach to begin the process of learning the language. Watching as many films or television programmes as you can will help you master the English language. Movies feature arguments throughout their tales. This makes learning a new language simple. However, it is not advisable to watch news programs because they are quite formal. Your language would sound unusual to your friends if you follow that.

Keep Researching

Even though you may have received a high IELTS score, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are already proficient in Australian English. There is a lot you need to understand about Australian speech. Before leaving India, spend some time getting familiar with Australian idioms, expressions, and slang. A half-hour or so of daily online research can really help.

Take Note of Your Mistakes

You don't have to be a fluent speaker to learn English or any language for that matter. It's crucial that you continue the conversation and don’t stop learning. Make sure you regularly engage in actual and meaningful interactions with native speakers, whether it's a classmate, lecturer, neighbour, or shopkeeper. It will also be wise if you frequently ask them to correct you so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Seek Clarification

Never be afraid to ask for clarification if you don't understand a question, a remark, or an expression. Ask for more information politely and make sure you understand the response rather than nodding or smiling timidly. Native speakers frequently would appreciate it if you asked them follow-up questions regarding a certain expression for clarity. Plus, it is always better to ask than regret.

Join Student Organisations, Clubs, and Extracurricular Activities

University clubs are excellent locations to socialise and keep up with your interests. You can continue pursuing your interests while also learning effective communication in Australian English through communication with peers.

Be Friends with Other International and Local Students

You learn about the local culture and develop your language skills from local pupils. Making friends with overseas students is excellent because they are in the same situation as you. You'll learn so much about so many different cultures by being friends with both. Besides, you’ll get to know about various part-time job opportunities from these fellow students, which will enable you to support your finances. Besides, you can also extend financial support back home, for which ACE Money Transfer is there to help. You can instantly send money to India online from Australia and other countries at absolutely zero costs via ACE’s remittance services (The ZERO-FEE Offer is currently valid until the end of 2023).

Participate in Language Programmes

To help international students in improving their second language proficiency, many universities offer language partnership programmes. In fact, language programmes are excellent places to improve your spoken English and discover new cultures. Don't be timid above all else. Be aware that you will get more proficient in English as you speak it more and get acquainted with day-to-day expressions.

How Students can Send Money to India from Australia Seamlessly?

Amidst your quest to learn English, ACE Money Transfer can be your financial partner to provide your seamless money transfers to India without giving you additional worries. Here is why you should shift to ACE for sending remittances.

Speedy Transfers

Since time is the most important thing, online money transfers to India are designed to be speedy. Your funds will take minutes or hours to reach their destination. This speed is crucial for time-sensitive or urgent financial transactions since it guarantees that your money will reach India on time.

Added Convenience

You can send funds to India straight from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the ACE app. Additional ease is provided by the ability to initiate transfers while you're on the go with only a few clicks on your mobile device. Learn more here on how to send remittances using your ACE app.

Security and Protection

Online money transfers are far safer than personally withdrawing money from the bank and then completing the transaction. Plus, ACE uses top-notch encryption and two-factor authentication to save your funds from any scams.

The Way Forward

English is a universally spoken language. However, the dialects and slang vary from region to region. Australians, too, have their own unique ways of communicating and expressing themselves in English. Don’t fret because you will become familiar with them in no time if you follow the aforementioned tips. Let ACE take control of your finances while you are busy adjusting to the new land. Sign up today to enjoy a free online money transfer to India from Australia.


What programs can I join to overcome language barriers while studying in Australia?

You can engage in language classes, join language exchange programs, and practice daily communication.

What do I do when I struggle with Australian slang?

Gradually adapt by listening to locals, watching Australian media, and asking for explanations to become a pro at Australian slang.

What should I do if I face cultural misunderstandings due to language differences?

Approach misunderstandings with an open mind, be patient and understand cultural sensitivity to overcome this issue.

How can I build strong connections with locals and fellow international students?

It is advisable to join multicultural clubs and take part in social activities.  

How long does it take for remittances to reach India if I send through ACE?

It usually takes from a few hours to one day, which is a lot faster than any other means of international money transfers.

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