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Introducing ACE Money Transfer to Seamlessly Send Money to Indonesia from Abroad

02 Oct 2023

Are you among the 9+ million overseas Indonesians living abroad to either study and get an international education or work, earn and send money to Indonesia to your loved ones? With globalisation expanding rapidly, the demand for efficient, secure, and cost-effective international money transfer services has escalated. In this light, we introduce you to ACE Money Transfer, a service that has reinvented the way you send money abroad, especially to places like Indonesia.

The Demand for Efficient Money Transfer Services

In today’s interconnected world, sending money across borders is a common necessity. When sending money home from abroad as financial support to your family, having a reliable money transfer service is crucial to ensure that funds reach their intended destinations safely and promptly.

Indonesia received $9.96 billion in remittances in 2022, amounting to merely 0.76% of its total GDP. The country has a massive 9 million expatriate population, but the remittance volume remains lower than what’s expected. In this context, it’s evident that Indonesian diasporas need efficient and secure money transfer services to send more money home from abroad.

Understanding the critical need of Indonesian expats, ACE Money Transfer has stepped up and launched its credible services to enable low-cost, convenient, speedy, and secure remittances to Indonesia with a vision and mission to boost remittance inflows to the country.

ACE Money Transfer: An Overview

Before you jump over to learning everything that benefits you while using ACE Money Transfer, let’s first glance over a brief background of the company so that you may have complete peace of mind when using its services.

Background and Establishment

Established in 2002, ACE Money Transfer has been dedicated to providing top-notch financial transfer services, catering to millions across the globe. It has earned a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and its adherence to high-quality standards.

Core Values and Services Offered

ACE Money Transfer prioritises transparency, reliability, and efficiency. They offer competitive exchange rates, minimal transfer fees, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users seeking to send money internationally.

Sending Money to Indonesia: A Closer Look

People from low-to-middle-income countries typically migrate to foreign lands for better earnings and stronger career prospects. Similarly, most Indonesians move overseas to earn better than what they make in their homeland. Every money transfer to Indonesia from abroad in this regard holds key importance for several Indonesian families.

The Indonesian Remittance Market

Indonesia, with its diverse and booming economy, has a substantial demand for remittance services. The inflow of funds supports local businesses, fuels economic growth, and aids in poverty reduction, making it imperative to have efficient money transfer services in place.

Remittance to Indonesia in Numbers

Indonesia has observed a significant rise in remittances during the past decade, although the inflows didn’t reach as high as required to aid the country’s economic progress. It received $11.22 billion and $11.67 in remittances in 2018 and 2019, respectively, which have been the highest volumes so far. Its lowest volume of remittances was $6.92 billion in 2010 and 2011. The year 2022 recorded $9.96 billion only, showing a significant decline in remittance volumes.

Essential Features for Money Transfers to Indonesia

When sending money home in Indonesia, expats have to consider several features, a couple of which are discussed below:

Speed and Reliability

When sending money to Indonesia, swift and dependable services are crucial. Delays can lead to financial losses, making reliability a top priority. ACE Money Transfer excels in providing fast and secure transactions, ensuring peace of mind for its users.

Competitive Exchange Rates and Low Fees

Unfavourable exchange rates and high transfer fees can significantly reduce the amount received at the beneficiary’s end. ACE offers competitive rates and minimal fees, maximising the value of every transaction made to Indonesia.

How ACE Money Transfer Stands Out

Here’s how ACE Money Transfer benefits you for each online money transfer to Indonesia from abroad.

Advanced Security Measures

In a world rife with cyber threats, ACE Money Transfer employs state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption technologies to protect user data and financial information, fostering a safe and secure environment for international money transfers.

User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility

ACE Money Transfer offers a streamlined registration process, enabling users to set up accounts swiftly and start transferring money without unnecessary delays.

Diverse Payment Options

Offering various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards, ACE allows users to choose the most convenient way to send money, making international transfers hassle-free.

Receiving Methods

You can instantly send money to your loved ones in Indonesia from abroad through the following methods.

Bank Deposit

The Bank Deposit facility allows you to quickly transfer funds to your beneficiary’s bank account in any Indonesian commercial bank across the country.

Wallet Transfer

You can send your hard-earned money to your loved ones using any one of the following wallets used across Indonesia.

  • Dana
  • Shopee Pay
  • Link Aja
  • OVO

The Impact of ACE Money Transfer in Indonesia

By launching its services for Indonesian expats, ACE Money Transfer is set to enable them to make fast, secure, convenient, and economical remittances that will simultaneously aid the country’s economy besides supporting households. Here’s an overview of how ACE’s services can impact remittance inflows to Indonesia.

Boosting Economic Activities

By facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, ACE Money Transfer contributes to economic activity in Indonesia. The inflow of remittances supports local enterprises, stimulates investment, and fosters economic development.

Enhancing Financial Inclusion

ACE Money Transfer plays a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion in Indonesia, enabling unbanked populations to access financial services, empowering them economically, and improving their quality of life.

Final Thoughts

ACE Money Transfer has emerged as a revolutionary service in the international remittance landscape. Its commitment to security, transparency, speed, and customer satisfaction makes it a preferred choice for sending money to Indonesia. It not only fosters economic growth but also contributes to financial inclusion in the region.


Is ACE Money Transfer secure?

Yes, it employs advanced security measures to ensure safe transactions.

How fast is the money transfer process to Indonesia with ACE?

ACE Money Transfer offers swift transactions, with most being processed within a day.

Are there any hidden fees with ACE Money Transfer?

ACE prides itself on transparency, and any applicable fees are disclosed upfront.

Can I track my transaction with ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE provides tracking options for users to monitor the status of their transactions.

Is the registration process complicated with ACE Money Transfer?

No, ACE offers a seamless registration process for user convenience.

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