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How to Get an Australian Working Holiday Visa? All You Need to Know

How to Get an Australian Working Holiday Visa? All You Need to Know

09 Sep 2022

If you are curious to discover Australian culture and a way of life different from the one you are already familiar with, you need to give a try to the Australian Working Holiday Visa for sure. It is because a working holiday visa allows its holder to discover a foreign country for a certain period. According to the official data shared by the Australian Parliament, the leading countries of citizenship where foreigners availed of the working holiday visa grants during the years 2015-16 are the United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Italy, and Japan. In the most recent statistics, it was observed that remittances from Australia to other countries hit $8 billion, making the country the 11th largest sending corridor in the world. It’s because more and more people send money abroad when they live and work in Australia.

What is an Australian Holiday Working Visa?

The Holiday Visa lets you spend some adventurous time in another country while working there to support your travel and staying expenses. This type of visa has always been the top choice for those who are seeking to get the maximum out of their gap year. Using the newly learned skill to manage your finance for exploring Australia will also turn out to be a valuable addition to your CV.

Australia offers two different working holiday visas: 

  • A Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) 
  • A Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) 

The Australian Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) was launched in 1975 and was initially only available for young people from specific countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, and Canada. In 2006, many other countries were included in the panel. Under this visa, people aged 18 to 30 (or 35 for some countries) can have their first extended holiday in Australia and earn money while they are here. 417 subclass visas don’t have any education requirements from the applicants.

A 462 subclass work and holiday visa has some education requirements and allows people aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) to live and work in Australia for an extended period and support their finances by earning.

The working holiday makers have plenty of options to work with various industries full-time or part-time. These industries include hospitality, retail, tourism, construction, and agriculture. 

In terms of study, a wide array of courses are available in Australia. The working holidaymakers can learn a new language or a skill which can help them finance their stay in Australia.

When you’ve acquired the desired visa and reached Australia to find better work opportunities, your next concern would be finding a reliable remittance service provider. You have one of the finest service providers, ACE Money Transfer, operating in Australia and 28 other sending countries for remittances to be received in over 100 countries. You can instantly send money online anywhere across these 100+ countries from Australia.

Complete Guide to Get an Australian Working Holiday Visa

Like any other visa application, the Australian Working Holiday Visa requires your official identity documents, including photographs, a police certificate, and a passport. According to the rules, you must have AUD 5,000 funds in the form of financial evidence to ensure your stay in Australia. A complete health diagnosis and character assessment must be attached. 

As far as the eligibility of an Australian Working Holiday visa is concerned, it requires these three conditions: 

  • Age must be 18 to 30 years old (or 35 years old for some countries).
  • A country passport must be from an eligible country.
  • Acquaintance, i.e., must not be accompanied by dependent children.

You can complete the application quickly after obtaining all the necessary documentation. The processing time for Visitors and Working Holiday Makers depends on your application. In applications submitted before the border reopened, the processing time is calculated from the date travel eligibility was granted. The processing time for applications made after the border reopened is calculated from the date of application. In most cases, applicants will hear back within 90 days since processing times vary.

Australia's stunning scenery and wildlife attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. On your working holiday there, you can explore the Great Barrier Reef with a breathing device. The national parks in the northern territory will bring you an opportunity to see small rare wallabies. If you love watching sport, Melbourne Cricket Ground is your must-go-to-place, and after the match, no one wants to miss the performance at Sydney Opera House. 

With the Australian Working Holiday Visa holder, you can stay in Australia for 12 months, during which you can also study for up to four months. While enjoying these activities, you may need to receive some more amount, or in case you want to send money back home. You need a secure and reliable online money transfer service in either situation.

Which is the best international money transfer service?

While sending money online, every remitter has certain expectations from the money transfer service, which must be fulfilled. These parameters, to name a few, can be the process of currency exchange, money transfer to the recipient’s account, efficiency, and security of the entire transaction. Thus the best way to find an appropriate online money transfer service is to checkmark the list of your expectations from the online money transfer service. 

ACE Money Transfer lets you make an online money transfer from Australia to another country swiftly and securely. If you use the Online Bank Transfer method, transactions will take 1-2 banking days to complete. The company has strict user data privacy policies with end-to-end data encryption to ensure an unbreakable security mechanism for your fund transfers.

ACE  Money Transfer aims to connect family and friends across the globe and provide them with an easy way to send money online. The remitters can send remittances to over 100+ countries, which makes this service the first choice for them. In case of any query, the users can reach the customer support representatives to get instant solutions.


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