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How to Budget for Travel Abroad: Tips and Tricks for Pakistanis Image:

How to Budget for Travel Abroad: Tips and Tricks for Pakistanis Image:

23 Oct 2023

Travel junkies hailing from Pakistan often worry about the ranking of Pakistani passports in the 106th position in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index. However, travelers from Pakistan are presently granted visa exemption or visa on arrival to approximately 25 countries worldwide. It is time to leave that ingrained notion about expensive travel and visa restrictions behind that keeps you from enjoying your youth. You can travel anywhere in the world for much less with savings to send money to Pakistan for your loved ones as well.

Arranging an international trip may be difficult, particularly when it comes to money. But don't worry; we've got your back! In this blog, we'll show you how to budget for international travel as a Pakistani.


Budget for Travel Abroad

Setting a budget is essential while traveling overseas. It allows you to plan ahead of time and avoid overspending. When creating a travel budget, consider the following factors.

Things to Think About When Making a Budget


It is one of the most expensive aspects of traveling abroad. Find out how much hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals cost in your destination. To save money, consider some alternatives such as Airbnb or Couchsurfing rather than opting for expensive luxury hotels.



Find out how much transportation costs to your destination. Flights, trains, buses, and taxis are all examples of affordable transportation options. It is advisable to choose public transport, which is often much less expensive than any other mode of transport.



Food is another significant expense when traveling. Conduct your research on how much food costs in your destination and plan your meals accordingly. Cooking some of your meals instead of eating out might also help you save money,

Free Activities

Research the cost of activities and trips in your destination that are enjoyable but affordable. Prioritize the activities you always wanted to take part in and budget accordingly. Keep in mind that most tourist areas offer free activities as well. Always keep your eyes open for such free activities.

Cost Estimation Tips for Each Factor

Here are some useful tips on how you can accurately estimate your costs to save funds for a money transfer to Pakistan for your familial needs while you are vacationing.

  • Research the cost of various categories on travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, and Expedia.
  • Contact locals or travel bloggers who have previously visited the destination. They can offer you an idea of how much it will cost.
  • Use a travel budget calculator because it accurately measures your potential costs. Numerous online travel budget calculators can assist you in estimating the cost of your trip.

Fund Allocation Based on Priority and Preference

After you've calculated the expenditures for each factor, allocate a certain amount for every category, such as accommodation, food, transport, etc., according to your priorities and preferences. If you value comfort, spend more money on lodging. Increase your food budget if you are a foodie. Remember always to put experiences ahead of material stuff.


How to Accumulate Travel Funds Effectively?

Here is some helpful advice that will make you smarter when it comes to collecting funds for your trip.

Tips for Saving Money in Everyday Life to Travel

The current economic crisis in Pakistan may have hindered your travel plans, but the good news is that with the help of the following tips, you can get some extra bucks to plan your dream adventure abroad.


Make a budget

Make and stick to a budget for your daily costs. Reduce wasteful spending on things like dining out, shopping, and entertainment. Keep a percentage of your income dedicated to travel funds,


Use a money-saving app

There are numerous money-saving apps available that can support you in saving money on daily expenses such as food, utilities, and transportation. Always avail discounts where possible through apps to ensure savings.


Sell unused stuff

To gain extra money for your trip, sell unused items such as clothes, electronics, and furniture. This tip not only gives you a few bucks more to spend on your trip but also declutters your space.

Earning Extra Money to Save for Travel


As a freelancer, you can provide your services to people in need. You can provide services such as writing, graphic design, web development, and much more. A few extra hours through freelancing have the potential to sponsor your entire trip.


Personalised online store

Set up an online store and sell stuff such as homemade crafts, vintage items, or digital products.

Money Management While Travelling

Managing your money when traveling is critical to avoiding overpaying and staying within your budget. Here are some suggestions for managing your money when traveling; through these suggestions, you might also be able to save a little more to make a money transfer to Pakistan for your family.


Use a credit card that is designed for travel

Look for a credit card that offers travel rewards and has no foreign transaction fees.

Use a travel budgeting app

There are numerous travel budgeting apps available to assist you in tracking your costs and remaining within your budget.

Avoid high-fee ATMs

Research ATM costs in your destination country and avoid ones that are too overpriced.

Use local currency

If you use local currency, you can avoid exchange rate costs and save money.


ACE Money Transfer; The Ideal Travel Companion for Pakistanis

ACE Money Transfer is the ideal travel companion for Pakistani travelers looking for a reliable and cost-effective option to send money overseas. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider ACE for sending money back to Pakistan.

Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer provides competitive exchange rates, which are frequently better than those provided by banks and other money transfer providers. This implies that when you send money abroad, you can get more bang for your buck.

Transfer Fees are upfront and Easy to Understand

ACE Money Transfer charges affordable transfer fees that are transparent and easy to understand. You can be confident that there will be no unexpected fees at all.

Fast and Convenient

You can send money internationally fast and easily with ACE Money Transfer. Every transaction reaches its destination within a few hours, which makes it the ideal option for urgent times.

Safety Comes First

ACE Money Transfer takes security and trustworthiness very seriously. ACE uses cutting-edge technology and encryption to keep your money safe and secure.

24/7 Customer Support

ACE Money Transfer provides 24-hour customer service to ensure that you can get help whenever you need it. If you have a question or need assistance with a transaction, their customer service team is always accessible to assist you.


Bottom Line

When traveling abroad, it is critical to have a reliable and cost-effective method of sending money back home to loved ones. ACE Money Transfer provides all of the elements you need to ensure the safety and security of your money while traveling. Sign up on ACE for free to send money to Pakistan at unbelievable rates.



1: Why is budgeting essential when traveling abroad as a Pakistani?

Answer: Budgeting is crucial to ensure you have a clear financial plan for your trip. It helps you manage expenses, avoid overspending, and make the most of your travel experience without financial stress.

2: How can I create a travel budget as a Pakistani planning to travel abroad?

Answer: To create a travel budget, list your expected expenses, including flights, accommodation, food, transportation, activities, and emergency funds. Research costs, prioritize expenses, and allocate specific amounts to each category.

3: What are some money-saving tips for Pakistani travelers abroad?

Answer: Save money by booking flights and accommodations in advance, using local transportation, eating at local restaurants, and researching free or low-cost attractions. Also, consider exchanging currency at competitive rates.

4: How can I ensure financial security while traveling abroad from Pakistan?

Answer: Ensure financial security by notifying your bank of your travel plans, carrying multiple forms of payment (credit cards, cash, travel cards), and keeping copies of important documents in a secure location. Be vigilant against pickpockets and fraud.

5: What should I do if I exceed my travel budget while abroad as a Pakistani?

Answer: If you exceed your budget, reevaluate your spending, cut back on non-essential expenses, and consider delaying or reducing certain activities. You can also explore opportunities to earn money while traveling, such as freelance work or part-time jobs if your visa allows.

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