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How to Adjust to Living in a New Country after Moving from Pakistan

23 May 2023

Did you know that Pakistanis make up 2.83% of the total global population?

According to the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, almost 9 million Pakistanis live outside of Pakistan and frequently send money to Pakistan for financial support to their families, which also helps boost the country’s economy. Saudi Arabia has the most prominent Pakistani overseas population, equivalent to 2.6 million, followed by the United Kingdom (1.5 million) and the United Arab Emirates (1.2 million).

With a large chunk of youngsters immigrating from Pakistan each year, it is essential to apprise them of the challenges they might face in the foreign land along with the solutions.


Factors Contributing to Immigration Culture in Pakistan

There are numerous reasons why people from Pakistan wish to settle abroad leave. Some of the common reasons include a lack of work prospects, low pay, and rising inflation. Political unrest, corruption, and terrorism are other key factors driving people to leave Pakistan in pursuit of safety and security.

Another reason is education, as many people wish to seek better educational options abroad. While the reasons for leaving the country vary, it is apparent that many people are looking for a better future and a higher quality of life elsewhere. 

The Problems of Living in a Foreign Country

A complete shift from your current lifestyle brings a lot of changes and challenges—some of the most common ones that almost every ex-pat experiences are mentioned below. 

The Language Disadvantage

The language barrier is one of the most challenging aspects of living in a new country, especially for Pakistanis. Simple things like shopping or navigating public transport might become tougher when you are unable to speak effectively. Even if English is spoken in the new country, regional accents and slang can be difficult to grasp. 

Cultural Distinctions Might Cause Confusion

Cultural differences should not be underestimated as they can cause the infamous culture shock. Things that are normal in Pakistan may be different in the new country. Differences in societal conventions, rituals, and even how individuals interact with one another can all be examples of this. 

Homesickness is the Real Enemy

Being away from friends and family can be difficult, especially while transitioning to a new nation. Homesickness is a typical issue for persons who have just relocated. No matter how much you try to stay connected to your family through frequent calls, messages, and making a swift money transfer to Pakistan whenever they ask for help, you might still feel their physical absence. This can affect your productivity at work due to added stress.


How to Adjust to a New Country?

Here are a few tips to help you smoothen the process of shifting and adjusting to your life abroad. 

Learn the Local Language

Learning the local language is one of the wisest ways to familiarise yourself with life in a new nation. This not only assists in day-to-day tasks but also in forming new relationships with locals. It is advisable to enrol in language classes or practise with language exchange partners to become fluent like a local. 

Join Community Organisations

Joining community groups or organisations might help you meet new people and build a support network. Many cities offer immigrant and ex-pat organisations that can provide possibilities for socialising and getting engaged in local events. 

Accept the Local Culture

Exploring new areas and trying out local cuisine can be a fascinating way to become acquainted with a new culture. Attending cultural events, visiting museums, and eating new foods are all ways through which you can admire the new culture. 

Managing Culture Shock

Culture shock is a word used to explain the disorientation that might occur upon migrating to a new nation. It is critical to recognise that culture shock is a common occurrence in the adjustment process. Seeking out familiar foods or activities, finding a support system, and being patient with oneself are some helpful ways to cope with culture shock. 

Keeping in Touch with Loved Ones

It's also critical to maintain contact with relatives and friends back home. Social media, phone conversations, and video chats can all help you stay in touch with family and friends. ACE Money Transfer can also help in making an economical and secure online money transfer to Pakistan to support the family members back home financially. 

Making the New Start in the Foreign Land 

Here are some tips to get you going in your new life in the new country. 

Getting a Job

Finding a job is an important part of starting a new life in a new nation. This can be difficult, especially if the new country has different work criteria and expectations. It is advisable to research job options and network with professionals in the field to increase your chances of securing a job. 

Creating a Routine

Getting into a routine can help you adjust to living in a new place. Setting a timetable for work, exercise, and leisure activities is one example. Routines can create a sense of security and comfort, which can help in lowering homesickness and culture shock. 

Making New Pals

Making new acquaintances might be difficult, but it is an essential aspect of establishing a new life in a new country. Getting involved in clubs, sports teams, and other social groups can help you meet new people. It is also essential to be open-minded and hospitable to people from other backgrounds so that you come across as a pleasant human they can befriend. 

Final Thoughts

There are numerous hurdles that come with adjusting to life in a new nation after leaving Pakistan, but it is possible to succeed in a new environment with the correct mindset and preparation. 

It is possible to build a fulfilling life in the new setting by taking the time to learn about the new culture, building a support system, and maintaining a connection with loved ones back home with services like ACE Money Transfer. Sign up on ACE for free to send money to Pakistan online at affordable rates with market-competitive exchange rates.


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