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ACE Money Transfer Offers Brand New iPhone 14 Plus for Ghanaian Expats and Daily Cash Rewards for Their Recipients

ACE Money Transfer Offers Brand New iPhone 14 Plus for Ghanaian Expats and Daily Cash Rewards for Their Recipients

01 Sep 2023

ACE Money Transfer has introduced another amazing promotion for its Ghanaian customers for the next two months. The campaign will offer exciting prizes to both the senders and recipients of remittances. This is part of ACE Money Transfer's effort to recognise and thank its loyal Ghanaian customers. This campaign begins on September 1, 2023, and runs through October 31, 2023. Its purpose is to show appreciation to the Ghanaian expatriate community by giving away four cutting-edge iPhones 14 Plus to lucky senders and an astonishing 61 daily cash prizes of GHS 1000 each to the recipients who send money to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer.

Empowering Ghanaian Expats: A Token of Appreciation

Sending money back to Ghana is more than a transaction for Ghanaian expatriates living elsewhere; it is also a method to maintain a connection to their homeland and provide for the people they care about there. This notion is acknowledged by ACE Money Transfer, which is why the company is committed to rewarding its consumers for their trust and loyalty. Because of this, the company is excited to launch this limited-time promotion, which improves the overall experience of sending money back home and adds excitement and anticipation to the mix.

Gifting iPhone 14 Plus to Senders: Celebrating Connectivity

The opportunity for four deserving participants to win brand-new iPhone 14 Plus devices is the highlight of this extraordinary promotion. These cutting-edge devices not only represent the most recent advancements in technology, but they also serve as a representation of the communication and proximity that ACE Money Transfer strives to cultivate between Ghanaian expatriates and their families back in Ghana. During the campaign, those who give money are immediately entered into a lucky draw to win one of these highly sought-after iPhones each time they send money.

Imagine the joy of being able to connect effortlessly with loved ones, share life's important moments, and keep up to date on topics about the family through the use of these sophisticated devices that offer excellent levels of performance. These iPhones 14 Plus are illustrative of the dedication that ACE Money Transfer has to improve its customers' lives in ways that go beyond the sphere of financial transactions. ACE Money Transfer is committed to making its customers' lives better in every way. You have to do nothing but make a money transfer to Ghana via ACE’s remittance service to enter the competition. More transactions on different dates throughout the campaign’s duration will lead to enhanced chances of winning prizes.

Daily Cash Rewards for Recipients: Spreading Happiness

While everyone focuses on iPhones, ACE Money Transfer has kept sight of the fact that the beneficiaries play an equally important part in the money transfer procedure. Lucky receivers can earn daily cash incentives of GHS 1000 each for 61 days in a row. This is not a one-time giveaway; instead, it is a daily celebration of the recipients' accomplishments to their families and communities.

Families in Ghana often attach great importance to receiving remittances since it enables them to better their quality of life, gain access to education, and invest in various opportunities. The daily cash prizes add a fun and exciting element to sending remittances, transforming each day into a chance for a surprise of joy and financial support.

How to Participate

Sending money using the ACE Money Transfer platform is the only requirement for participating in this fantastic promotion. Within the campaign period, any sender who has a successful transaction within the campaign period will automatically earn one entry into the fortunate draw for an iPhone 14 Plus. The more transactions that are made, the greater the chances that one will win these desirable devices.

On the other hand, recipients can skip taking additional actions to look forward with excitement to the daily monetary prizes. A recipient who has received money through ACE Money Transfer's payout partners at any point throughout the promotion will be chosen at random each day to receive the GHS 1,000 cash reward. It is a simple and uncomplicated method to enter, win, and take advantage of this kind-hearted campaign. Make your every online money transfer to Ghana count in an outstanding way, leading to winning enticing rewards.

Terms and Conditions 


Campaign Period: 

The ACE Money Transfer iPhones 14 Plus and Daily Cash Rewards Campaign will be active from September 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023.


  1. The campaign is open to all Ghanaian customers of ACE Money Transfer, both senders and recipients of remittances.
  2. Participants must be legal residents of Ghana and the legal age of majority in their respective regions.
  3. Employees, affiliates, and immediate family members of ACE Money Transfer are not eligible to participate in the campaign.
  4. For further Ts&Cs, tap on the link below: 

Terms and Conditions - ACE’s Reward Campaign for Ghanaians

Celebrating Togetherness, Sharing Joy

The ACE Money Transfer program that will run for the next two months is not only about giving away cash and iPhones; it is also about cultivating a sense of community, gratitude, and joy that all participants can enjoy. This campaign serves as a timely reminder that whatever our location, we should always make an effort to maintain our ties to our families and communities and provide emotional and financial assistance to those we care about.

Expats from Ghana are not just sending financial support; they are also sending love, hope, and possibilities. The campaign that ACE Money Transfer is running celebrates and commemorates this act of love by adding an element of surprise and excitement, which makes the journey that the remittance takes even more significant and unforgettable.

The Way Forward

Expats from Ghana and their families may anticipate a memorable experience filled with excitement, hope, and rewards beginning on September 1, 2023, and lasting over the following two months. The campaign that ACE Money Transfer is doing displays the company's loyalty to its customers as well as its desire to improve the overall experience of sending money abroad. This campaign encapsulates the spirit of Connectivity, thanks, and celebration with its daily cash prizes lighting the lives of receivers and iPhone 14 Plus devices ready to be claimed by new owners among the senders. As the campaign progresses, it serves as a timely reminder that even in the realm of business dealings, there is a place for happiness and surprise, as well as the prospect of making a difference in the world. So, why wait? Send money to Ghana online now and participate in the campaign so you can win an iPhone 14 Plus or let your loved ones in Ghana win cash rewards.



What is the ACE Money Transfer iPhone 14 Plus Offer for Ghanaian Expats?

The ACE Money Transfer iPhone 14 Plus Offer is a promotional campaign where Ghanaian expatriates have a chance to win a brand-new iPhone 14 Plus when they make a transaction. This offer is designed to appreciate and reward the Ghanaian expat community for their loyalty to ACE Money Transfer.

Who is eligible for the iPhone 14 Plus offer and the daily cash rewards?

Ghanaian expatriates who use ACE Money Transfer to send money are eligible for the iPhone 14 Plus offer. Additionally, the recipients of these transactions in Ghana stand a chance to win daily cash rewards. Specific terms and conditions may apply, so it's advised to check the ACE Money Transfer website or contact their support for complete eligibility details.

How can I participate in the promotion?

To participate, simply make a transaction using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Ghana. Once your transaction is successful, you'll automatically be entered into the draw for the iPhone 14 Plus, and your recipient in Ghana will be eligible to get the daily cash rewards.

When will the winners be announced, and how will they be notified?

The specific dates for the winner announcements are detailed in the promotional terms and conditions. Winners are typically notified through the contact information provided during the transaction, either via phone call or email. Always ensure your contact details are up-to-date to ensure timely communication.

Are there any fees or additional charges associated with participating in this offer?

Participating in the iPhone 14 Plus offer and daily cash rewards promotion doesn't come with any additional fees beyond the standard transaction fees of ACE Money Transfer. However, it's always a good practice to check the terms and conditions or consult with ACE Money Transfer's customer service for any specifics.


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