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Global Transfers Made Simple: Your Guide to Using ACE Money Transfer

14 May 2024

Have you ever experienced a simple, safe, and quick global money transfer? If you are an expat or living abroad, this article is for you because you will know how ACE Money Transfer protects your security overseas. Sending money across borders was always challenging for everyone. Individuals used to wait for the opening of the banks and had to follow complex procedures to remit money overseas. But now, everything has changed, and people use digital ways to remit money. In 2024, the digital remittance market will increase to US$9.56k.

Individuals are using online platforms because they are more secure and easily accessible. ACE Money Transfer is a digital remittance transfer company. It was introduced worldwide in 2002. The services of ACE are available in 106 countries with 350,000 payout locations. You can connect financially with more than 100 countries using the ACE platform. You can make quick transactions at the lowest price and best exchange rates. If you want to learn to use ACE Money Transfer, take your notes and scroll down!

Steps to Use ACE Money Transfer for across-border Payments

ACE Money Transfer is one of the most easily accessible remittance service providers. Individuals can easily send money abroad using ACE. Follow the steps below to make successful cross-border transactions.

Create an Account

Firstly, you need to register for the ACE Money Transfer platform. Open the ACE website and sign up for an account. Enter essential details, like identity information, and create your ACE account. Whether you want to proceed through a website or a mobile application depends on you.

Login to Your Account

Download the ACE mobile app and log in to your account. You can also sign in through the website. To log into your account, enter your username and password. After logging in to ACE, the dashboard will appear where you can perform the functions.

Enter Receivers Information

Provide the recipient's information. This usually includes the receiver's identity documents and contact information. You also have to enter your details for a safe transaction process.

Set Location

Choose a country and specific area where you want to send money. Also, add your location from where you will send the remittance to its destination. 

Select Amount and Payment Method

Enter the amount and currency you want to send to the destination. Select the payment method to connect with a bank, credit or debit card, or digital wallet to send money online. Choose whatever suits you the best.

Select Payout Method

The payout method means the receiving platform. ACE is connected with multiple financial institutes and cash pick-up points. Ask receivers and choose the nearest location. Also, receivers can receive amounts online in mobiles or bank accounts.

Confirm the Transaction

After adding all the necessary information, proceed with your transaction and confirm it. Right after you click, ACE will convert a certain amount into the currency of the destination location and transfer it to the destination.

Track your Process

You can also track the process of your transaction. ACE Money Transfer allows you to keep an eye on your transaction so you can know the confirmation status of your remittance.

The Benefits of Choosing ACE Money Transfer Services

ACE is a renowned remittance service provider with numerous advantages. It is a legal and registered client-oriented company with the following benefits:

  • It follows a transparent fee structure with no hidden charges.
  • It offers low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.
  • It is highly accessible and allows you to proceed with your transaction online within minutes.
  • It is one of the convenient ways to send money internationally.
  • ACE's customer support is available 24/7.
  • It has connected with numerous financial institutions, which ensures its trustworthiness, and offers multiple payout locations for receivers to receive their amount.
  • It facilitates multiple transfer methods, such as digital banks, app transactions, and digital transfers.
  • It is easy to use and a secure money transfer service.

Want to Know the Exciting Features of the ACE Money Transfer App? Read Below

ACE Money Transfer uses one of the advanced features to ensure the most convenient remittance transactions. The following are the best features and tools of ACE that will facilitate the process of your transaction:


On the ACE mobile app, you will notice a button that helps you see the outgoing flow of remittance. It keeps a record of all your national and international transactions. You can check what time you send how much money to whom.

‘Reuse’ Button

The reuse button is one of the best for making international transactions easy. It allows money to be sent to the same receiver without providing any information because it uses data from previously added information.

Receipt Downloading

Another exciting ACE tool is that you can download your online transaction receipt. It will help you to make budget plans. You can also use this receipt for legal purposes to show that you paid a certain amount to the person.

Budgeting Tools

ACE Money Transfer provides budgeting tools that allow individuals to budget effectively. It enables you to set financial goals and divide your income into subcategories, making it easy to use.

Real-Time Currency Exchange

ACE facilitates real-time currency exchange at an affordable price. It offers competitive rates, so you don't need to visit any foreign currency institute, and ACE will facilitate quick conversions.

Security Features

You will notice multiple security features while transacting your remittance. ACE facilitates advanced security options like biometrics, 2FA, encryption, and SSL. Moreover, it advises individuals to use strong passwords to maintain security and protect their identity.

Real-Time Transactions

ACE allows individuals to make instant money transfers. It usually takes a few seconds or minutes. It hardly takes 1-2 hours to send money to distant countries. The time depends on the distance between the countries. 

ACE Money Transfer is a recognized remittance service provider. ACE has made global money transfers easy for everyone. Its service is available in over 100 countries, and millions of satisfied customers have used it. In recent years, ACE has gained popularity because of its remarkable services, such as instant and secure money transfers. Everyone prioritizes security while sending money abroad.

It is because there are many frauds and scams on the internet. ACE ensures security by providing advanced security tools. Moreover, individuals can organize their finances and handle complex budgeting using the ACE app. You just need to enter the receivers' details at once and make numerous transactions with different receivers in different countries. 

Effortless and Swift Money Transfers with ACE

Now, you can make transactions from the ACE website or mobile app. Register for the ACE platform and download the ACE app. Enter your details and add a login to the account. After that, enter the recipient's details, choose a location, enter specific money, and make an online money transfer to your loved ones. It just takes a few minutes to transfer your money. In case of delay, you can track your process online to see the progress of your transaction.

Expats abroad fear remittance transfer due to skyrocketing service fees and higher exchange rates. ACE offers a low-cost yet transparent fee structure. Moreover, you can enjoy the first fee-free transaction by using ACE for transferring your funds. It provides highly compatible exchange rates so receivers can receive more and the sender can save more money. Further, you can enjoy the remarkable tools of ACE, such as budgeting tools to make financial plans and reusing buttons to use the same recipient information. You can also generate a receipt for your transaction and use it for legal purposes. The best thing about ACE is that it facilitates user accounts with advanced security like SSL, 2FA, encryption, and fraud filter detection to avoid scams.


What is ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is a digital remittance service provider that handles national and international money transactions. Its services are available in over 100 countries and connected with thousands of financial institutes worldwide.

How do you send money globally using ACE?

Register on ACE and download the app, or log in to your account on ACE web. Provide your essential details and enter the receiver's information. Enter the amount, choose the country, and transfer the money.

What are the advanced features of ACE?

Advanced security tools, fraud detection, budgeting tools, real-time exchange rates, real-time transactions, receipt downloading, reuse buttons, and history management are the advanced features of ACE. 

What are the benefits of using ACE over other services?

ACE offers low-cost service at reasonable exchange rates. It ensures security, quick transactions, history management, and transaction tracking facilities. Moreover, you can contact ACE customer support at any time.

Is it safe to send online funds using ACE Money Transfer?

Sending online funds through ACE is safe because it uses many security tools like identity verification, SSL, biometrics, face detection, and encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your account.


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