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Few Days Left to Benefit from ACE Money Transfer's Invite a Friend Offer to Win 1000 DKK in Denmark

Few Days Left to Benefit from ACE Money Transfer's Invite a Friend Offer to Win 1000 DKK in Denmark

23 Dec 2022

In the days ahead up to the end of this year, 31st December, you can win 1000 DKK and a few other exciting prizes if you simply send money online to your respective countries of origin from Denmark as an expatriate with ACE Money Transfer. Does that feel exciting to you? Read on to learn more about this fascinating offer from ACE Money Transfer, which is about to end soon.

Keeping its tradition of facilitating its valued customers in new and unique ways, ACE Money Transfer has added a cash reward to its exciting campaign, “Invite Friends”. Participation in this campaign can brighten your chances of winning a fairly reasonable amount of money as cash by following a few simple steps explained below and also win other prizes, including iPhone 13 Mini, Apple Smart Watch Series 7, and AirPods Pro.

The only challenge you have this time round is the fast running time, as just a few days are left to benefit from this amazing campaign. Let’s guide you on grabbing your cash reward of 1000 DKK and other prizes. 

ACE Money Transfer’s Invite Friends Offer with Cash Reward

ACE Money Transfer’s Invite Friends offer is famous among customers since it remains active throughout the year offering three prizes mentioned above. The firm has further enhanced the prizes by adding a cash reward of DKK 1000 for its customers in Denmark. Here are the details of the offer.

A Brief Insight Into The Contextual Background

Fortune knocks at your door without prior notice, waits a few moments, and returns if the door is not opened quickly, goes an adage. This is particularly applicable to financial matters. Look around, and you will find many people who answered the knock quickly and reaped the benefits, as well as those who didn’t and ended up regretting it.

But how about a fortune that notifies you before arrival, stays there for quite a while and promises to benefit you in unique ways that you have hardly thought about before?

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

As an expatriate residing in Denmark, you aim to earn a living to support your family financially and fulfil the small desires of your loved ones that you cannot otherwise do due to financial constraints.

In the process, you undergo hazards, and troubles, do odd jobs and exert yourself beyond your physical and psychological strength most of the time.

Imagine, in such a scenario, if you get your money transferred fee-free back home and save money that you essentially spend as service charges. Making an online money transfer via ACE’s services benefits you manifold, including free transfers, the highest exchange rates, and several chances to win exciting rewards.

Read on to learn more about the campaign, rewards, and the essential steps to follow for participation.

The Exciting Campaign – A Brief Introduction

In the days ahead, you can send money from Denmark to your country of origin with ACE Money Transfer free of cost. You may also persuade your expatriate friends to use ACE Money Transfer’s services for the same purpose.

In this process, you will stand a chance to win other exciting prizes that are listed above, other than earning 1,000 DKK for every three conversions.

But three conditions are important to meet.

What Are The Critical Conditions I Shall Fulfil To Reap The Amazing Rewards?

You must fulfil the following few critical conditions to benefit from this campaign.

  • Firstly, you have to use ACE Money Transfer’s services.
  • Secondly, see that ACE Money Transfer is operationally present in your country of origin where you want to send money.
  • Thirdly, make sure that you persuade your friends to use ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services.
  • Lastly, make sure that you convert your friends.

Remember that earning exciting prizes and cash is just these four conditions away!

Are You Confused About What’s “Converting Friends”?

Don’t worry if you are uncertain about what converting friends exactly means. It is rather as simple as it sounds.

It means that if you refer ACE Money Transfer to your expatriate friends and other colleagues who want to save money transferring funds back home in terms of service charges, and they send remittances through the company, you have converted them.

This is how you, as a referrer and your friend, as a referee, can help each other have your remittances transferred freely.

But it does not stop here for you as a referrer. If you ask all your friends to make their every money transfer back home via ACE Money Transfer, you can win a cash reward explained below.

What Is More For You As A Referrer In This Campaign?

You can earn a huge 1,000 DKK as a referrer but as mentioned above, to win the amount, referring the company to your expatriate friends in Denmark is not enough.

You will have to ensure that every three referees use the services.

In addition to it, you will earn 1,000 DKK for every three conversions.

So, your chances of winning more DKK are directly proportional to the number of conversions.

Does a new dimension of how you and your friends can help each other in the real and practical world not dawn upon you with it?

Where Do You Get To Know How Many Invitations You Have Sent And How Many Invitees Have Switched To ACE Money Transfer?

This is a fair question, as it is challenging to keep count of the invites. Besides, it is not feasible for you to call your friends whom you have invited to check on them whether they have used the service or not. So, what’s the answer?

Well, ACE Money Transfer never leaves any area unattended. For this, you can visit the company's official website and see the live dashboard calculating both invites and conversions in real time.

How Can You Optimise Your Chances Of Winning Other Exciting Prizes Listed Above?

Winning these prizes is linked to the number of referrals, invites and actual conversions. On every set of three conversions, your chances of winning the prizes keep increasing, and you can win the first, second, and third prizes in their listed order.

What Steps Should You Take To Reap All The Above-Mentioned Benefits?

For both fee-free transfers and invitations, log into the company’s app or website, follow the steps to send money or click on ‘Invite a Friend’ and earn 1,000 DKK on every three conversions.

Ace Money Transfer – A Fine Blend Of Rewards And Cost-Effective Remittance Services

Your online money transfer from Denmark before December 31st can benefit you immensely in the ways explained above. The key to success in this episode is not wasting time and making each moment count.

So, get up and grab your opportunity now! Send money home via ACE Money Transfer and benefit from the top-notch services alongside rewards and incentives.


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