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Exploring The Rich Cultural Heritage Of Canada: A Guide For Filipino Expats

13 Dec 2023

According to a study by Pilot Guides, the Filipino diaspora is one of the largest in the world, with around 10 million Filipino migrants working in foreign countries. These migrants make up roughly about 10% of the total Philippines population.

Migrants from the Philippines work abroad to earn a reasonable earning and send money to Philippines from abroad to offer financial support to those in need of it back home.

Migrants travel to different countries, and which country they choose to travel to depends on their needs and requirements. But Canada is a country that expatriates always prefer to travel to, for reasons explained below.

The same report, ‘Pilot Guides’, said that Canada hosts about 850,000 Filipino migrants residing in the country for different purposes, including work opportunities, education, etc.

Do you know what is one of the main reasons for the presence of such a huge number of Filipino migrants in Canada?

That the country has a robust economy goes without saying.

But another equally important reason is the rich heritage and fascinating culture of Canada that sets you eager to explore it.

This blog will walk you through some of the cultural practices of the country that you should know so that the intensity of the cultural shock is less on your arrival in Canada.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for going to Canada as a Filipino migrant.

Top Reasons For Travelling To Canada As A Filipino Migrant

The following are the top reasons for traveling to Canada as an expatriate.

Several Employment Opportunities

Recent research showed that Canada has over a million unfilled jobs. Other statistics also showed that the employment rate for immigrants rose by 8% during the last few years.

Canada, therefore, welcomes immigrants to maintain balance in the vacancies that are filled and those unfilled.

Best-Quality Education

Education quality in Canada is one of the best worldwide. It is, rather, a fundamental right of every Canadian to seek an education. Its degrees are globally recognized and allow international students to apply for permanent Canadian residence.

Universal And Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare in Canada is both affordable and guaranteed by the government. Law ensures that no one will be deprived of healthcare service because a) they cannot afford it and b) the service is expensive.

Relax Immigration Policy

Canada has a relaxed immigration policy to invite people from outside to supplement its aging population and address yawning demands for labor. The government welcomes people from the LMICs, like the Philippines, who work here in different capacities and earn a living and support families back home through an online money transfer to Philippines whose repetition is subject to your financial management.

Vibrant Social Life

In addition to offering multiple work opportunities, Canada has a vibrant and colorful life. After work, you can spend your nights and evenings enjoying and relaxing. You will find multiple ways of doing so as a Filipino migrant in Canada.

Take a glimpse of how you can enjoy life in Canada HERE.

The Robust Canadian Economy

  • The World Bank reported that in 2021, the Canadian nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $1.99 trillion.
  • Another report by the World Banik stated that the GDP per capita income in Canada in 2021 was $51,987.9.

There are strong economic figures coupled with a huge gap in the labour market which is short of workers to fill the vacant positions.

Let’s now explore Canadian culture together!

Exploring Canadian Culture

Here are a few things about Canadian culture you must be aware of.

Queue Up For the Bus

As part of the Canadian culture, people silently wait in queue for buses at the stations and do not rush or panic no matter how long they might have to wait. Complaining in such a situation will raise eyebrows. So, beware!

Adding Cream To Coffee

Tim Horton’s is a critical and integral part of Canadian culture. While you may be used to adding sugar and milk to your coffee, as a cultural practice, most Canadians add cream to their coffee too.

Get Milk In Bags

Another important part of Canadian culture is that you will have to buy milk in bags to put in the jug so that it does not spill over. It is largely practiced in Ontario, which is a lot of Canada and a lot of Canadians.

But not accepting this across the country as a Filipino migrant can invite strange looks.

Visit Cuba

Visiting the largest island in the Caribbean is close to the heart of Canadians. According to reports, in 2010, about 945,248 Canadians visited Cuba in winter. As a Filipino expatriate, you will also find visiting Cuba pretty relaxing after your long and tiring routines to earn a living and support your family through a money transfer to Philippines from Canada.

Apologise Abundantly

One of the nicest things about Canadian culture is that its people apologize a lot. People welcome basic manners in Canada and say sorry even for things that do not warrant an apology.

Own A Cottage

Almost every Canadian owns a cottage or has someone near and dear owning one. There may not be a particular reason for it, but the fact remains that owning a cottage is yet another part of Canadian culture.

Display Their Canadian Identity

Almost every Canadian intending to travel with a backpack will sew a small maple leaf flag onto their bags to display their Canadian identity with immense pride.

Canadians are particularly proud of being Canadian and even prouder of its display.

Get accustomed to it while you are there or before arriving in Canada.

Accept it as you find it.

These are some of the important cultural practices in Canada.

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What are some key aspects of Canada's cultural heritage that Filipino expats should be aware of?

Canada's cultural heritage is diverse and includes Indigenous cultures, French and British influences, and a rich tapestry of immigrant communities. Filipino expats can explore these elements through art, music, food, and festivals.

How can Filipino expats engage with Indigenous cultures in Canada?

Filipino expats can visit Indigenous cultural centers, participate in traditional ceremonies, and learn about the history and contributions of Indigenous peoples. It's important to approach Indigenous cultures with respect and a willingness to learn.

What cultural festivals and events should Filipino expats attend in Canada?

Filipino expats can experience Canada's multiculturalism by attending festivals like Canada Day, the Calgary Stampede, or local events celebrating diverse communities. They can also join Filipino cultural festivals and associations across the country.

Where can Filipino expats find Filipino cuisine and connect with the Filipino community in Canada?

Filipino expats can explore local Filipino grocery stores, restaurants, and community centers, where they can enjoy traditional Filipino dishes and connect with fellow expatriates who share their culture.

How can Filipino expats in Canada promote cultural exchange and understanding?

Engaging in cultural exchange can be as simple as sharing Filipino traditions, cuisine, and music with Canadian friends and neighbors. Filipino expats can also participate in cultural exchange programs and volunteer for organizations that promote multiculturalism.

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