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Black Friday Week: Money Transfer Fee to 106 Countries Drops Zero till 30 November.

Black Friday Week: Money Transfer Fee to 106 Countries Drops Zero till 30 November.

25 Nov 2021

An exciting offer is coming your way!

The offer: -Money transfer back home has always been a tough asking owing to transaction charges, security issues, the convenience of collection and time a transaction is likely to take to complete, etc. Of all of these issues, the biggest confusion has always been the transaction fees a company will charge. 

Keeping in view this problem the expatriates often face, ACE Money Transfer has come up with a unique offer for its valued customers. Now, you can send money to your families residing in a staggering 106 countries worldwide with zero fees! Yes, you read it correctly.

This offer is valid from 3pm to 5pm every day till the 30th of November. So hurry up, pick up your phone and send your remittances using ACE instantly. Don’t waste a moment.

The number of people leading an expatriate life across the world in multiple countries runs into millions. These people go to other countries to find better employment opportunities to secure their and their families financial future. On finding employment, these expatriates send back money to their families to fulfil their financial requirements.

The process of sending money back home is an integral part and parcel of an expatriate’s life outside their native country. But this becomes intense with the advent of festivities such as Black Friday.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits ACE Money Transfer offers within this grand offer.

Security:- ACE has always proved that the financial services it offers to its customers are secure beyond a shred of doubt. Needless to say that with the advancement of technology in the financial world, the margin for fraud has increased manifolds. But ACE has upped its security parameters to ultra-secure proportions, where top-notch services finely blended with unbreakable security are on offer.

Instant transfers:- ACE Money Transfer is one of the very few online money transfer companies which transfer money in less than a few seconds depending upon the volume of money and the destination.

Convenience:- ACE Money Transfer offers dual options to transfer money through. The sender can either log into the official website and initiate a transaction or use ACE’s user-friendly mobile app to transfer money by following a few simple and small steps.

Ease of collecting funds:- ACE Money Transfer is one of the few companies that have established a professional work liaison with other financial institutions such as banks spread across the world so that the recipients can collect funds wherever they find convenient. The impetus behind this is to create commuting comfort to the customers without having to travel to a particular bank or other institution for the collection of funds.

Track your transaction:- With ACE you can keep tracking your transaction at any point in time after a transaction is initiated. You can do so with your smartphones while on the go.

Alerts:- ACE Money Transfer keeps you alert through SMS and emails and keeps you updated about the status of your transaction. Customers are automatically informed as soon as the sender sends the money and when the funds are available for collection by the recipient.

Customer services:- ACE Money Transfer has developed its customer service comprising highly professional customer services representatives available 24*7 to answer customer queries and provide guidance.

Conclusion:- So, what else are you waiting for? ACE Money Transfer has spread its hand to make this upcoming Black Friday week exciting for you like never before. Don’t look away. Grab ACE’s hand NOW!        



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