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10 Most Underrated Skills That'll Make You Successful as an Expat Worker

10 Most Underrated Skills That'll Make You Successful as an Expat Worker

09 Dec 2022

Did you know that according to a recent Stanford research, almost 75% of an employee’s success is dependent on soft skills? In contrast, only 25% of their success comes from technical skills.

Regardless, institutes always prioritise teaching technical skills over soft skills. Expats have the upper hand here as they learn plenty of soft skills on their journey to the foreign land. They cultivate several underrated but important skills, from adjusting and working in a different environment and sending money home after earning better there.

However, it should be noted that an expat would always have to work harder and smarter than a local to succeed. This guide explores all the necessary skills that should be mastered by every expat for guaranteed success.

Learn These 10 Skills to Succeed as an Expat

Data Literacy

We live in a world where data has become the most important and valuable business asset. This means that companies highly value individuals who can take data and use it effectively. In simple terms, data literacy means being able to access appropriate data and work with it confidently.

To become data literate, you should learn to extract meaning from data and communicate data-based insights to others. By mastering this skill, you will be able to question the integrity and validity of any data you work with rather than just blindly following the information you are provided.

Critical Thinking

We live in an era of information overload, social media bubbles, and fake news. Critical thinking is considered a vital skill to combat all of these. It is essential to cultivate success in a foreign land.

Critical thinking refers to analysing issues and situations based on evidence rather than personal opinions or biases. When you practice critical thinking, you question the validity of evidence and figure out the root truth.

Emotional Intelligence

This is a rare skill that is vital to succeeding professionally and personally. It is considered the ability to express and control emotions at the right time. An emotionally intelligent person is well aware of how emotions can sabotage their own behaviours and affect others around them. They are experts at handling themselves in difficult situations.

Empathy is considered a key component of emotional intelligence as it allows you to see the world from someone else’s perspective.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy means the potential to learn, work and navigate everyday life in our digital world. The skills that come under digital literacy include the ability to use devices, apps, and software safely and with confidence. It also includes good knowledge of making an online money transfer to your loved ones from abroad with the most benefits.

People with strong digital literacy can communicate and collaborate much better using digital tools. They keep themselves up with new technologies and understand how they might impact their job or business.


Creativity is a popular term, but few know its real meaning. The ideal definition of creativity is the ability to turn imaginative ideas into reality. In future workplaces, when the need for labour is lessened, creativity will be a desirable skill.

Creative thinking includes developing new ideas, imagining beyond the status quo, problem-solving, and implementing ideas for betterment.


Many organisations have evolved, including hybrid workers, fully remote workers, contractors, and other employees who flow between projects and teams. This system has changed the nature of collaboration and teamwork. In these changing times, one should be able to collaborate and communicate with various colleagues and co-workers effectively. Plus, working abroad means interacting switch multicultural people. Hence, this skill is highly valued for success in a foreign land.


Flexibility is one of the most important soft skills in the workplace. With constant growth and progress in multiple industries, change will be even more of a driving factor in the near future. Employers will have to continually work with new technologies, rising automation, and a rapidly evolving pace of work. Only a mentally resilient person will be able to survive in the workplace.

Adaptability is considered the key to cultivating flexibility as it allows you to adjust to new conditions easily. Some traits of adaptable people include open-mindedness, curiosity, and willingness to learn new things. Flexible people always focus on opportunities rather than obstacles.

Goal Setting

Achieving goals as per the plan is a skill that helps expats grow in their careers. Setting goals provide the essential framework to achieve milestones at the workplace. If you master this skill, you can become better at the organisation.

One of the goal-setting strategies is thinking SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time related).

You might have several goals at your workplace and in your day-to-day life as an expatriate. You will find ample help from your colleagues at your workplace, but for your everyday life matters abroad, you’ll have to manage everything to achieve your goals. Good budgeting, making monthly savings, and avoiding extra expenses could be a few top-priority goals for you to be successful as an overseas worker.

You may add another important goal of saving on transfer costs, which is significant since you typically consume a lot of money in terms of transfer fees when using conventional methods. You can send money online to your family via ACE Money Transfer to avoid extra fees and get the highest exchange rates.

Time Management

Time management is an underrated skill that can take you places. It helps you use your time effectively and make the right decisions at the right time. It is essential that you incorporate some time management tools in your life to make it a habit.

Presentation Skills

Last but not least, presentation skills are quite underrated at work. Employers will never hire someone with poor presentation skills. Being well-presented and well-spoken in the workplace, presentations, meetings, or discussions with colleagues or clients. It is absolutely essential for your career growth abroad as it will help you get noticed.

How to transfer money to your home country from abroad?

With these skillsets in hand, you are definitely rooted for success. It is undeniable that success abroad will lift your financial position and get you unbelievable monetary profits. With such success, an individual is bound to shower their family with the benefits. The best way to give back to your family is by providing monthly financial assistance.

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Adopt these skills in your daily life, and you will experience your life-changing right in front of you. These skills might seem non-technical, but they sure will play a vital role in your promotions and growth. You should share your success with your loved ones by sending money abroad to your family back home through ACE. Sign up today for free to enjoy unlimited international transactions at the most affordable rates.


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