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Understanding the Rental Market in Europe as a Gambian

Understanding the Rental Market in Europe as a Gambian

10 Nov 2023

Are you a Gambian dreaming of embarking on an exciting European adventure? Finding the ideal rental house can be the critical piece of the puzzle as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of European culture.


This blog aims to reveal the mysteries of Europe's rental industry, empowering you to choose your ideal living place. The relieved you can focus on other important tasks such as discovering the majestic continent while making money transfers to Gambia.

Quick Stats About Rentals in Europe

  • Rents in the EU climbed by 19.2% between 2010 and the fourth quarter of 2022, while housing prices increased by 46.9%.
  • In the EU in 2021, 70% of the population owned their home, with the remaining 30% living in rental accommodation.

Important Factors to Consider When Renting in Europe

Here are some important factors to consider when renting in Europe: 

Understanding the Local Rental Landscape

When entering the European rental market, it is critical to become acquainted with the different characteristics of each country and location. Exploring the rental market, including average rental prices, popular neighbourhoods, and local restrictions, will provide significant insights into the local environment.


This knowledge will assist you in making informed judgements and efficiently narrowing your possibilities. If you are in the UK, you can learn about housing options here.

Creating an Effective Rental Application

Rental property competition in Europe can be harsh. It is essential to create a great rental application to boost your chances of acquiring your desired home. Collect any required papers, such as proof of income, employment references, and past renting history. Highlight your reliability as a tenant and your dedication to property maintenance.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

It is important to create your budget before beginning your rental search. To create a reasonable rental budget, consider your monthly income, savings, and other financial responsibilities. Remember that additional costs such as electricity, insurance, and maintenance fees should also be budgeted for.


Being financially prepared will allow you to confidently navigate the rental market. It is also advisable to separate your earnings as soon as you get paid for your monthly online money transfer to Gambia.

Practical Tips for Finding Your Dream Rentals

You need to know some practical Tips for finding your dream rentals. Here are some for your help: 

Investigating Different Housing Options

Apartments, houses, and shared accommodations are among the many housing options available in Europe. When choosing the type of rental property that is appropriate for you, consider your interests, lifestyle, and budget. Each option has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so weigh them carefully before making a choice.

Using Online Rental Platforms

Online rental platforms have transformed the way people look for rental houses. Research reliable websites that cater to the European market and have extensive search tools. Use search filters and notifications to reduce your options by location, price range, and property attributes. Checking these platforms regularly can keep you up to date on fresh postings and opportunities.

Seeking Local Agent’s Assistance

Using real estate agents or relocation services might be extremely beneficial in your rental hunt. These experts have extensive knowledge of the local market, and exclusive listings, and can walk you through the whole leasing process. Their knowledge can save you time and provide significant insights, especially if you are unfamiliar with the matter.

Local Community Connections and Networking

Connecting with local communities and networking can lead to hidden renting opportunities. Participate in online expat organisations, attend local events, and interact with other Gambian expatriates and residents. These contacts can provide insider information, suggestions, and potential rental leads. Increasing your network increases your chances of discovering the ideal rental house.

The Unsaid Rental Rules of Europe

You can ensure a harmonious and respectful living experience in Europe if you are aware of these unspoken rental regulations and social norms. Respecting local norms and following these principles will add to a positive experience abroad.

Respect for Quiet Hours

Europeans value their privacy, especially during specified quiet hours, which are usually in the evenings and on Sundays. Keep noise levels in your rental home in mind and avoid organising loud gatherings at these times.

It is better to keep to yourself during these quiet hours to minimize noise. You can watch a movie, read a book, talk to your loved ones back home, or send money to Gambia for them.

Common Areas

If you rent an apartment in a building complex, keep common areas such as hallways, staircases and entrances clean and neat. It is anticipated that all residents contribute to the upkeep and sanitation of these communal areas.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and waste management are significant topics in Europe. Learn about the local recycling practices and follow them religiously. Sort your trash into proper bins and follow any special instructions issued by your landlord or municipal authorities.

Energy Efficiency

European governments prioritise energy efficiency, and renters are expected to take energy-saving measures. This includes turning off lights when they are not in use, utilising energy-efficient equipment, and properly managing heating and cooling systems.

Consideration for Neighbours

Be considerate of your neighbours by avoiding excessive noise, particularly late at night. Remember that many European rental apartments have thin walls, so being aware of noise levels can assist in preserving a peaceful living environment.

Property Maintenance Regularly

While landlords are responsible for significant repairs, tenants are generally expected to keep the property in good condition. This includes promptly reporting any damages, maintaining the property's cleanliness, and doing small maintenance activities within your capacity.

Understanding Lease Terms

Before signing your lease agreement, read and thoroughly understand the terms. Stay informed of the notice time required for termination, any restrictions on property alterations, and any rules regulating pets or renting. Following these guidelines can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your landlord.

Wrap Up

When it comes to managing your finances, ACE Money Transfer offers a reliable solution for sending money back to The Gambia. Take advantage of the secure and efficient service to support your loved ones during your European journey. Start transferring with ACE Money Transfer today and ensure a seamless financial connection. You can sign up for free and enjoy sending money to Gambia for a zero fee at the first transaction.


Q: Are European rental prices generally higher than in The Gambia?

Rent in Europe varies tremendously depending on the country and city. However, rental prices are comparatively much higher than in the Gambia.

Q: What documentation should I submit when applying for a rental in Europe?

Typical documentation includes evidence of income, references from past employers, and renting history. It is important to have these documents ready to boost your rental application.

Q: Can I bargain for better rental terms and costs in Europe?

In some circumstances, you may be able to negotiate rental terms and costs. However, it is subject to local market conditions and the landlord's flexibility.

Q: Is it more customary in Europe to use short-term rentals or long-term leases?

Long-term leases are more common in Europe. Short-term rentals or furnished apartments are mostly available in famous tourist spots.

Q: Is it customary for European landlords to ask for a security deposit?

Yes, landlords in Europe commonly require a security deposit. The amount can vary, but it is usually between one and three months' rent.

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