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Top 5 Tips for Monthly Savings: What You Need to Know as an Overseas Indian in Australia

11 Dec 2023

In this era of a competitive world, meeting all the expenses and saving money can be challenging. As an Indian expat, you might have come to Australia to earn money or to get higher studies. Are you working overseas to make money and want to send money to India from Australia back home? It is not easy to leave your loved ones, but it is a vital step to build their future by making money and sending it to them. 

As an expat, you may face difficulty in making monthly budgets and saving plans because, without a proper plan, you can't step forward. Always set your budget plan according to your salary to maintain a running flow of monthly expenses. It is crucial to specify some priorities, such as health, transport, or grocery, to avoid inconvenience.


If you are looking for ways to save your hard-earned money, this article will guide you through all the possibilities for saving money. Your savings will help you in difficult times, and you will be at peace of mind for having something as a backup.

Guideline for Monthly Savings: 5 Essential Tips

In the year 2021, approximately 36 thousand people migrated to Australia. You can save money by choosing a reasonable online money transfer service such as ACE Money Transfer. It is one of the leading companies that provides multiple benefits and can give you more chances to save money. Overall, 3.1% of Indians live in Australia, that is a significant range. This migration aims to find better work opportunities and send money online to India from Australia. 

Following are five essential tips that can help you make an excellent living standard in Australia while saving money for your loved one;

Open a Saving Account

The first and most essential step is to open a savings bank account. Make sure you are opening a savings account to keep money in it for a longer time. It will keep your cash secure, and you can withdraw in an emergency.

Look for Alterations

While doing grocery shopping, look for alternative products rather than buying premium quality. Most things in supermarkets are more expensive than in ordinary shops. Mostly in supermarkets, they charge you more for packaging and the cost of preservatives, so it is better to look for fresh things and to opt for alterations such as:

  • Look for wholesale meat sellers rather than buying it from a store. 
  • Buy fresh vegetables; it will cost less than the packed items. 
  • Buy general spices 
  • Choose less expensive brands.
  • Shop from local markets

Moreover, when you choose a company to transfer money to India, you should consider multiple options and choose the best one. ACE Money Transfer offers a first fee-free transfer that allows customers to save more money. They also offer low exchange rates with low transfer costs. You can choose their services to send your money back home in minutes.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget can help you do a lot of savings. Specify some money for all the house expenses, such as groceries, bills, rent, transportation, and medical facilities. Try to spend the whole month on the estimated budget. Read to learn more tips for budgeting and saving money as an expat.


Always try to get insurance for your things like automobiles and mobile phones. These handy gadgets can get damaged or broken anytime and need much money to repair. Insurance helps you to save money from wasting it on fixing things.

Specify Money for Savings

You should save money every month to make an instant money transfer to India from Australia. Set aside a specific amount from your monthly salary to deal with any emergency case. Set your mind and avoid using money from the savings to keep it for a long time.


Strategies to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Savings

With patience, you can save your money, but as an expat, you may worry about finding ways to prolong your savings. This guide will help you to make your savings long-lasting.

Make Wise Investments

Investments are one of the best ways to make your savings last forever. Look for long-term investments and invest in renowned companies, or utilize your money to buy shares. You can also get help from finance advisors to help you invest in better opportunities.

Look for High-Interest Saving Account

Look for high-interest savings accounts provided by Australian banks. These accounts offer high-interest rates to regular savings accounts. They enable your savings to double more quickly. Select an account that aligns with your savings objectives and adjust your financial requirements. Looking for a withdrawal process while choosing a savings account is crucial.

Stay Connected with the Business Market

Having business shares will never disappoint you, and you will get solid monthly profit. In contrast to earning, saving is more hectic, especially when you are concerned about making a money transfer to India to help your loved ones. You can enjoy the profit by investing in the right business. 

To prolong your savings, make self-investments by buying property or lands. The value of land always increases. If you can afford only a small piece of land, buy it because it will be worth it. 

Nowadays, it is essential to specify some amount for monthly savings, especially as an expatriate; you must always have a backup source of money. As an Indian expat, you might be unfamiliar with taxes and living expenses in Australia. To avoid any inconvenience, try to do as much savings as you can.  

These savings will help you in your hard times. Also, you can send a chunk of your hard-earned money to your loved ones in India. Savings can save you from anxieties and depression of handling expenses on time.

Bottom Line

After making successful savings as an Indian expat, you may seek the best ways to send money to India from Australia. Everyone has a different motive for saving money. Most expats look for ways to save money to stay financially stable and robust in their hour of need and to support their families. If you are concerned about significant achievements, start by taking a step towards savings. Savings can help you build your dream house by facilitating you in many possible ways. 

One of the finest ways to make savings is to invest as much as possible in a trustworthy and renowned company. You can also save money by sending money through ACE Money Transfer because ACE provides multiple benefits to its customers. You may buy shares in companies and properties or invest in businesses to save money. These investments will keep your savings and help you grow your savings. You can earn monthly profit from these investments and enjoy a tireless life without worrying about backup resources. 



How to prolong the savings?

You can prolong your savings by investing your amount in a good place. While investing, make sure that the company can pay you back. Moreover, you can open savings accounts and enjoy the monthly profit without effort. 

What are some tips to save money overseas?

To save money, it is essential to look for alternative brands, shop from local markets, buy things in bulk, and preset a specific amount for your health and transportation expenses. Furthermore, you can save money by reducing your bills and taxes. 

What are some realistic options for making investments?

You can invest your money in different areas, such as running or under-developing businesses. You can also self-invest by buying properties, land, or vehicles. 

How to send the saved income from Australia to India?

There are many ways to send money from Australia to India, such as bank-to-bank or online money transfers. 


Is ACE Money Transfer helpful in making savings?

ACE Money Transfer is beneficial in saving money. It provides benefits for both sender and receiver. You can make the first fee-free money transaction with a reasonable exchange rate through ACE Money Transfer and can get a chance to win rewards. 

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