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Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations For Pakistani Students In 2023

15 Jul 2023

Education standards in Pakistan are low to the point where parents at times think it is better to keep their children away from it than send them to institutions to seek it.

The affordable education in Pakistan offers little hope in terms of securing a viable future and career. On the other hand, top-quality education, seeking which can offer a secure financial future and jobs, is too expensive for a majority of Pakistani parents to afford. Therefore, the people of Pakistan travel to foreign countries to earn a living and send money to Pakistan to financially support their families back home.

One of the critical areas the money Pakistani migrants send back home is consumed by is education. In many households of Pakistani migrants, the children seek quality education in institutions that they otherwise cannot afford.

Furthermore, in many families of Pakistani migrants, children of higher education-seeking age are sent to foreign countries for quality education so that they get good jobs and secure their future financially.

Because needless to say, an education of uncompromised quality can guarantee a financially secure and prosperous future.

But do you know which countries are the most preferred destinations for Pakistani students to seek education in?

Well, to answer this question, you will find the following details pretty interesting!


Which Foreign Countries Do Pakistani Students Go To For Higher Education?

You must check the tuition fee, study hours, and reputation of the country you choose to travel to in addition to the cost of living. All of it is of utmost importance when you belong to a country of limited economic strength like Pakistan.

Based on these factors, the following list of top foreign countries for studies is prepared.

Sr. No.


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Living Cost/Month










































Now let’s delve deeper into the details of each country separately.


The United Kingdom (UK)

The UK is one of the most preferred study destinations for Pakistani students. Its degrees are recognised worldwide, and it offers studies in law, business administration, computer science, economics, medicine, etc.

Courses in these disciplines are available for both graduate-level and higher studies.

An additional advantage of studying in the UK is that the students can work after their study hours to earn a living. They can either support their education with that earnings or support families back home through a secure money transfer to Pakistan.


Germany is known for its fee-free schooling, research-oriented courses and fully funded scholarships. 

Besides, the degrees from Germany ensure a good job in Europe and elsewhere worldwide.


It not only offers education in several courses on subsidised tuition fees and fully funded scholarships, but you can also immerse yourself in and enjoy the country’s extremely rich history and past.

Learn more about scholarships for Pakistani students in 2023 here:

Scholarships For Pakistani Students Aspiring To Study Abroad.


Indeed, the USA is the dream destination for millions of students from across the world. It offers courses in almost every subject there is, but the country prides itself in its ultra-advance standing in technological development.

Needless to say, an American graduate, in most cases, never remains jobless!


Australia is renowned for its wide range of courses and for being a student-friendly country. Its beauteous landscapes will make you feel as if they are not from this world!

Its degrees are globally recognised, and you can easily find jobs after you graduate.


It is fast becoming a favourite study destination, not only for Pakistani students but also for students from other countries too.

Budapest, which is acknowledged for being the capital of the youth, is a major reason pulling students to Hungry for higher studies.


Canada is considered one of the safest countries worldwide, creating a suitable environment for students as well as migrants from Pakistan who earn a living there and send money to Pakistan online to extend financial support to their families back home.

The courses taught in Canada are diverse, and students are also allowed to work and earn a living if they so wish, but after finishing their study hours.


Owing to its fast economic growth and advancement in different fields of life, China is another preferred destination for international students, including Pakistani students.

Its centuries-old history and culture are an additional attraction for international students, and the cordial relationship between China and Pakistan is another big advantage for Pakistani students.


Although Malta is a relatively less-known state in terms of offering high-quality education, its degrees are recognised globally and have the potential to help Pakistani students get a good job anywhere in the world once they graduate.

Furthermore, the safe environment of the country and the fact that Malta is an English-speaking state help Pakistani students settle down quickly in the country.


Being one of the welfare states, Norway is a dream destination for Pakistani students due to the wide range of courses being taught there, its safe environment and abundant career opportunities in the country.

Not only does Norway offer jobs to those seeking them there, but also jobs are readily available to Pakistani students or others, for that matter, as soon as they graduate and get degrees.

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What are the top 10 study-abroad destinations for Pakistani students in 2023?

Besides the ones explained above, the top destinations include Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, and China. They are selected based on education quality, student life, and opportunities for Pakistani students.


What are the primary considerations when choosing a study abroad destination?

Students should consider factors like the quality of education, course availability, cost of living, scholarships, post-study work opportunities, cultural compatibility, language requirements, and visa success rate.


Is proficiency in the host country's language a necessity for studying abroad?

Not necessarily. Many universities offer programs in English, even in non-English speaking countries. However, learning the local language can enhance your experience and opportunities in the country.

How can Pakistani students finance their studies abroad in 2023?

There are several ways, including savings, educational loans, scholarships (merit-based, need-based, or country-based), grants, and part-time work opportunities. Some countries even offer work-study programs.


What are the visa requirements for Pakistani students studying abroad?

Visa requirements vary by country but generally include an acceptance letter from a recognised educational institution, proof of financial resources, a passport, photographs, and sometimes evidence of proficiency in the host country's language or English. Always check with the consulate or embassy of the destination country for accurate and updated information.


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