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Navigating Post-Earthquake Crisis: Send Money to Morocco at ZERO Fee via ACE Money Transfer and Support Your Loved Ones

12 Sep 2023

Life throws curveballs, and natural disasters like earthquakes can leave devastating impacts on communities. A 6.8-magnitude earthquake that recently hit Morocco has caused nearly 3,000 casualties and left thousands homeless. During such calamities, the need for immediate support becomes paramount, which is why ACE Money Transfer steps up to offer entirely Fee-Free money transfers to Morocco from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.

Those impacted by the earthquake need financial support from their loved ones working abroad and other welfare communities. During such circumstances, ACE’s mobile app and website extend viable support by offering convenient, fast, secure, and free transactions. Let’s join hands to help the victims turn back towards normal life.

The Impact of Earthquakes on the Moroccan Community

Earthquakes don't just shake the ground. They shake the very foundation of families, often leaving them with lost homes, diminished resources, and an uncertain future. Beyond the tangible damage lies the emotional turmoil - the distress of coping with such sudden and extreme change.

Damage to Buildings in Morocco

The earthquake severely affected housing and shelter throughout the impacted regions. Dense residential zones in Marrakesh experienced significant damage, as did villages situated in the Atlas Mountains' rural areas. A large number of families now find themselves without homes, resorting to sleeping outdoors or in makeshift group shelters. 

Even public infrastructures haven't been spared, with many buildings showing significant structural issues, making them unsuitable for habitation. There's increasing evidence of people relocating from their villages to city centres in hopes of finding both shelter and aid, which intensifies the challenge of initial relief initiatives. Even as search and rescue operations continue, damage evaluations are simultaneously underway. However, definitive figures are yet to be provided due to the absence of unified reports. 

Although the earthquake's epicentre wasn't in a highly populated region, the damage to local buildings was considerable. Notably, Marrakesh, Taroudant, Asmiz, and Chichaoua experienced substantial destruction. Notably, the ancient part of Marrakech, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, witnessed damages such as a minaret falling and sections of the ancient walls and traditional homes crumbling.

Thousands of these victims are waiting for financial aid to repair their losses. Global Moroccan expats and welfare communities are encouraged to send money to Morocco from overseas via ACE’s remittance solutions without paying any transfer fees and even getting competitive exchange rates.

Damage to Healthcare Facilities

The earthquake has badly impacted Morocco’s healthcare system, as no transportation currently functions in damaged communities across the country. The most affected regions are located in mountainous locales where even ambulances can’t move due to collapsed buildings and landslides. Some helicopters are being used to carry out operations to offer first aid and possible medical facilities. Still, the country direly needs financial aid to manage proper healthcare functions across the damaged communities.

The Immediate Need for Support


Emotional Support: Being There for Your Loved Ones

Sometimes, a simple phone call or message can make a world of difference. It's a beacon of hope, a sign that there's someone out there who cares. Moroccan migrants living in foreign countries can relieve their loved ones back home by staying connected with them from across the globe in the current time of despair.

Financial Support: Rebuilding and Recovery Efforts

As the dust settles, the need for financial support becomes evident. Infrastructure needs rebuilding, families need shelter, and communities need resources. Such challenges can be tackled efficiently and timely if Morocco receives ample financial aid from its migrant workers and the global communities.

The Challenges of Sending Money Internationally

While the intent to help is strong, the process can be tedious. International transfer fees, long wait times, and the sheer complexity can sometimes deter the best help. ACE Money Transfer steps up in this time of crisis to ensure that foreign aid can reach the recipients in Morocco in a timely, safely, and economically. Making an online money transfer to Morocco via ACE Money Transfer from abroad is super-fast, completely secure, and economical, as the firm charges no fees on transactions in the current crisis.

ACE Money Transfer: A Game Changer

Enter ACE Money Transfer. In the midst of adversity, they rise to the occasion, making the process of sending money to Morocco as seamless as possible.

How ACE Money Transfer Helps in Crisis

Founded with the vision of facilitating easy and efficient money transfers globally, ACE Money Transfer has always prioritised the needs of its users. Not only does the firm offer ZERO-Fee money transfers to Morocco to ensure better and timely economic aid, but it also offers quick, convenient, and secure transactions so that the helping hands can reach the victims effectively.

Why ACE Stands Out During Crises

Imagine sending $100 and your loved ones receiving the full amount without a cent deducted. In crisis situations, every penny counts. ACE Money Transfer ensures your money reaches its destination fee-free.

Speed and Reliability: Getting Money Where It's Needed Fast

Time is of the essence. And with ACE's efficient services, you can be assured that your funds will reach your loved ones swiftly. The country is badly affected by earthquakes, collapsed buildings, and damaged roads that have disturbed everything across Morocco; ACE’s mobile app and website still ensure that your financial support from abroad is transferred online 24/7.

Easy Access and Convenience: Making Difficult Times a Little Easier

With user-friendly interfaces and multiple transfer options, ACE ensures that sending support remains hassle-free. If you are living anywhere across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland and want to send your support but don’t know how to send money to Morocco from abroad, ACE’s mobile app and website are there to help.

The Steps to Send Money via ACE Money Transfer


Setting Up Your Account

Getting started is simple. With a few details and verification processes, you're all set to send money.

Choosing the Right Transfer Option

Whether it's a bank transfer or mobile credit, ACE provides multiple options for your convenience. You can instantly send financial support to your loved ones in Morocco and stay connected with them during the current time of crisis.

Ensuring a Smooth and Fast Transfer

Monitor your transfer with ACE's tracking system, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way. Once you initiate a transaction, you get the tracking number, which helps you monitor it throughout the completion.

Conclusion: Supporting Morocco in Its Time of Need

The aftermath of an earthquake can be challenging, but with services like ACE Money Transfer, bridging the gap between intent and support has never been easier. It's about time you and us come together for Morocco. Send money to Morocco online at any time from abroad without worrying about visiting any physical location; ACE’s mobile app and website enable you to create transactions from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go as long as you have a working internet connection.

Let’s help the victims come back to life as quickly as possible. ACE’s zero-fee offer is active throughout September 2023, so you can ensure financial aid timely.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does a transfer with ACE Money Transfer take?

Typically, transfers are processed swiftly and can be completed within a few hours to a day, depending on the mode of transfer.

Are there any hidden charges with ACE Money Transfer?

No, ACE prides itself on transparency. The ZERO fee policy ensures that what you send is what your recipient gets.

How can I track my money sent via ACE?

Once you've initiated a transfer, you'll receive a tracking number. Use it on the ACE platform to monitor your transfer's progress.

Is ACE Money Transfer secure?

Absolutely. ACE employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure your money and data are safe.

Can I send money from any country to Morocco via ACE?

ACE Money Transfer has a wide global network. It's best to check their website or contact customer service for specific country availability.


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