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From Sending to Investing: How ACE Helps Diversify Your Financial Portfolio as a Bangladeshi Expat in the UK

21 Sep 2023

According to a report by the Bangladesh High Commission, London, about half a million Bangladeshis are living in the UK. Most of them have been earning in the UK for the past several years and send money to Bangladesh from UK to support their families. They cannot find sustainable opportunities in their native country and travel, therefore, to developed countries like the UK to find jobs. Another report by the Arab News, sourcing data from the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training, revealed that about 10 million Bangladeshi migrants are living abroad and given their financial contributions through inward remittances, which were $21.5 billion in 2022, according to the World Bank, the government is planning to send one million more Bangladeshis abroad.

The government is considering the initiative to expand its diaspora base and increase remittances. 

Do you know what is the one objective all migrants worldwide share? Well, it is to save money. As a Bangladeshi migrant, you are no exception to it. Right? You also want to save money, and for this, one of the key roles is played by the remittance transfer service provider you choose. 

In this blog, we draw your attention to how you can save money to invest and diversify your financial portfolio, what role a money transfer service provider plays, how to choose one, and how ACE Money Transfer helps you achieve the objective – savings leading up to your financial portfolio’s diversification. 

What is the Most Critical Need?

Let’s face it!

You work in the UK to earn a living and send money online to Bangladesh from UK to support your family financially back home. You don’t think you have a forever job abroad. Do you? Therefore, in the intervening period in which your job lasts, you should be making optimal use of your financial resources. 

You have surely heard about making hay while the sun shines. So, you should focus on developing a healthy financial portfolio, and not only that, but you should also put efforts to diversify it. 

Let’s understand a financial portfolio and then see how you can diversify one and how ACE Money Transfer will help you in the process. 

A Financial Portfolio – The Basics

A financial portfolio is a collection of different investments, including bonds, stocks, assets, and cash. A financial portfolio is generally understood to be comprised of cash, stocks, and bonds. Although it is mostly the case, it is not the rule, however.

A financial portfolio can consist of a wide range of assets, including private investments and real estate. 

While you can manage your financial portfolio yourself, you can hire a money manager, a financial advisor or any other financial expert to look after your financial portfolio. It will depend on the following few factors. 

Factors Requiring You to Hire a Finance Manager for Your Financial Portfolio

  • The nature of your job
  • Your time management skills
  • Size of your financial portfolio
  • Your understanding of financial matters
  • Your financial plans

These factors together can force you to seek the services of a finance professional. But before all of these factors, the primary one is how much savings you already have and how much you can save each time you send money online to Bangladesh from UK. Because, after all, establishing a financial portfolio is based on your savings. 

Learn here how you can save on your international money transfers. 

Understanding a Financial Portfolio

The basic understanding of a financial portfolio is to save money and divert your savings toward investments. But the catch is to keep your financial portfolio diversified.

It simply means that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Because if you do so you run the risk of a loss in totality and the entirety of your investments.  But if you keep your investments diverse, the chances of loss are marginalised.

It can help you in a few other ways, too.

For example, if you face a loss in stocks, there are chances you might earn a profit to the point of covering the losses in stocks through your investments in real estate. 

Different Portfolio Types

Following are some of the most famous and common portfolio types. 

  • Hybrid Portfolio: investments in different and diversified asset classes
  • Portfolio Investment: investments to earn a return and grow assets’ value over time
  • Equities-Focused and Aggressive Portfolio: for great risks and great returns
  • Equities-Focused and Defensive Portfolio: for good returns and less risks
  • Income-Focused Equities Portfolio: for making money on investments
  • Equities-Focused and Speculative Portfolio: based on great tolerance for risks 

Remember that financial portfolios can be as many as there are financial experts. Every financial expert can advise you to create a portfolio based on your financial standing. 

Now, let’s see how ACE Money Transfer helps you save money and diversify your investment portfolio as a Bangladeshi migrant. 

How ACE Money Transfer Helps You Save and Enables Diverse Investments?

As mentioned earlier, your financial portfolio is anchored in savings, for which remittance transfer service providers play a big role. Finding the best way to send money to Bangladesh from UK can be a significant help. 

In this context, ACE Money Transfer helps you in the following few ways. 

Live and Market-Competitive Exchange Rates

You can get the live exchange rates at the time of transfer by requesting the firm for an update. It helps you to get the best deals because high rates will add to the amount being sent. 

Low Service Charges and Fee-Free Transactions

The firm is the cheapest way to send money to Bangladesh from UK because a) it charges a low fee, b) it offers a fee-free first transfer, and c) your transfers can be fee-free if your amount remains below a certain threshold, above which you will be charged a nominal fee. 

Savings on Commuting

Since the firm has over 375,000 payout partners in over 100 countries worldwide, it allows you to have access to your funds without having to travel long distances, which incurs costs. In addition, the virtual presence of the firm’s services also allows you to send money right from the middle of your comfort zone without having to move much.

As they say, ‘A penny saved today is a Pound tomorrow’; your small savings in the areas explained above can help you save enough to invest and diversify your financial portfolio. 

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Remember that your job abroad will end someday, and if you have no financial backup to fall back on, you will start again from where you began at the time of expatriation. So, try saving each penny on your every online money transfer to Bangladesh from UK by choosing a remittance transfer service provider with utmost care.


What is a financial portfolio?

A financial portfolio is the collection of your investments in bonds, stocks, real estate, and other assets that people normally prefer to invest their savings and money in. 

Why is diversification in a financial portfolio important?

Diversification is essential in a financial portfolio because putting all your eggs in one basket can cause immense financial trouble. On the other hand, investing in different areas can absorb the shock that you might face in one investment through a profit in another. 

How can I create a financial portfolio?

You can create a financial portfolio by making savings and considering certain options to invest. But every option must be thought through deeply and meticulously. 

Can I manage my financial portfolio myself?

Yes. You can manage your financial portfolio yourself. But you must see what type of job you have, how you manage your time, what investment knowledge you have, the size of your portfolio, and your financial expertise. Otherwise, you can hire a finance and investment portfolio professional for it.  

Can a remittance transfer company help me create a financial portfolio?

Yes. A remittances transfer company can help you create a financial portfolio by helping you save money on your money transfers by offering you live and competitive exchange rates and charging a low fee. Together, this can help you save, leading up investments and culminating in a financial portfolio. 


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