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Financial Inclusion: Expanding Rural Access to Digital Remittances in Pakistan from Ireland

30 Apr 2024

Financial inclusion means having easy access to financial management through which individuals can make quick transactions and receive payments. It includes banking services, insurance programs, and digital financial management services. The financial sector of Pakistan is low, and only 2.4% of 180 million people have easy access to advanced financial products like credit cards. This is due to a need for more digital learning. Remittance plays an influential role in improving Pakistan's economy. Your online money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan will contribute to expanding rural access to digital remittances in Pakistan.  

In recent years, 832 thousand Pakistani people have left the country and are living abroad. Most of them have their families in Pakistan. Expats often send remittances to their families, which has made Pakistan the 5th largest remittance-receiving country. In 2021, Pakistan received over $26 billion in remittances, 7% of the country's GDP. People living in rural areas need more financial resources to obtain the remittance amount. Expanding access to digital remittance in rural areas is essential for the country's technological growth. In this article, you will learn the impact of remittance on financial inclusion:  

Empowering Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas through Digital Solutions

Financial inclusion is a crucial aspect of the business and markets. Digital solutions have emerged as powerful tools for advancing financial inclusion in rural areas in recent years. The overall digital market of Pakistan is low, so many people need help making instant money transfers from Ireland to Pakistan. Explore the below points to learn how remittance can help in improving the digital market of Pakistan:   

Mobile Banking  

In this digital world, everyone owns a personal mobile. Now, people can meet their financial needs through mobiles. It is one of the convenient ways of handling finances from distant places. But, it requires a stable internet connection and signals. In rural areas of Pakistan, only a few networks are available. Investing in online banking services will allow individuals to manage accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills using smartphones.    

Online Platforms  

The government must promote online platforms such as digital remittance transfer services. These will encourage economic growth and will resolve the needs of people. Online platforms allow individuals to handle their business virtually; they promote e-commerce, remote payments, and peer-to-peer transfers. All these platforms operate online and manage payments using online banking.   

International Collaborators

Having smooth ways of financial inclusion promotes international dealings and collaborators. People can send and receive money internationally and run their business across the borders. Also, Pakistanis can collaborate with an international collaborator to elevate their financial inclusions. Japan and Germany are the most advanced technological countries. Collaborating with these countries will lead to a better technological future for Pakistan.  

Investment in Digital Platforms

Investing in digital platforms will extend financial services to rural populations. You can send money to Pakistan from Ireland in a short time. Improving internet connectivity, mobile networks, and digital literacy can empower rural communities to manage finances effectively. Instead of making physical institutes for bill and tax payments, online methods will reduce paper and electricity costs, and the country will progress.  

Empowering Pakistani Networks

Digital financial services can eradicate the remittance challenges in rural areas. Numerous Pakistani networks facilitate quick online transactions through speedy networks such as Jazz, Zong, and Mobilink. Also, some remittance transfer services offer low-cost international transfers like ACE Money Transfer. ACE is connected with multiple Pakistani banks, so people living in rural areas can easily access the finances.


Spreading awareness about the importance of financial inclusion is necessary. People living in rural areas must be more literate and learn how to use digital platforms to manage finances properly. There must be proper campaigns to teach people about electronic use and to understand its importance. Everyone must have access to technology so they can learn while applying practically.

Impact of Financial Inclusion on the Economic Development of Pakistan 

The rapid advancement of technology has changed the direction of money transfers and the money-handling process. People can keep large amounts of their phones in them without fearing theft. They can sell or buy things with a few clicks. You can read more about financial inclusion and remittances to Pakistan from Ireland here. Digital solutions, such as mobile banking, digital wallets, and online payment platforms, have overcome the time and distance. Digital platforms are the cheapest way to send money to Pakistan from Ireland. Powerful means of transactions are roads to a strong economy:

Small Business Development

Financial inclusion provides small businesses with easy access to financial services. They can grow by accepting customers from national and international levels. Precise payment methods like banks and remittance services can facilitate broader market access and increased customers. 

Poverty Reduction

Seamless money transactions promote remittance and flow of money in a country. The rotation of money removes poverty and lifts the economy as it goes into multiple hands. Moreover, when remittance receivers get the money, a few taxes are deducted, which the government utilizes in productive areas. Furthermore, access to fast financial tools facilitates individuals in helping their families in need.  

Digital Empowerment

Having advanced financial tools will empower the digital world. In many rural areas of Pakistan, remittances are cash-based. Individuals have to visit physical branches to receive cash. Receiving large cash amounts can be at risk of theft and loss. So, digital ways will promote internet connectivity and strong mobile networks that can serve various purposes.  


Financial inclusion includes innovative ways that are easy to manage and cost-effective. Physical finance operating institutes are expensive and require charges for everything. Online ways are relatively inexpensive and easy to handle.     

Rural areas of Pakistan are suffering from multiple issues. You can develop better ways of managing finances through financial inclusion. Financial inclusion includes smart and advanced ways of handling finance. Many Pakistani expats leave and reside in developed countries like Ireland to make a better living. 

These expats also provide aid to their families in rural areas of Pakistan. With fewer financial resources in rural areas, people need help receiving remittances. Adapting digital ways such as wallets, mobile apps, and online services can remove all the hurdles and improve Pakistan's economy.  

Expanding Rural Access to Digital Remittances!

For the economic growth of Pakistan, remittance plays a prominent role. Every year, Pakistan receives millions of remittances. It means that every individual must have access to more manageable and smart ways of managing finance. Having advanced technology for money transfer is also essential to control intra-country activities. People living in rural areas can start small businesses by connecting with modern tools like digital wallets and online transactions. Services like ACE Money Transfer allow individuals to send money online to Pakistan from Ireland while maintaining a record on the ACE app.  

To empower financial inclusion, awareness campaigns must help people in rural areas understand the methodology of digital tools. They must know its worth. The government should invest in building proper networking systems in rural areas so that people can have a platform to practice their skills. It will also keep them financially connected with their loved ones living overseas. Also, Pakistan can collaborate with technologically advanced countries to improve its digital progress. Financial inclusion will lead to many job opportunities for individuals and will be a smooth path to remittance management.  


What is financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion means the availability of modern tools for dealing with finances, such as credit and debit cards, online banking, digital remittance services, and mobile apps.

How can digital remittance be expanded in rural areas of Pakistan?

You can expand digital remittance in rural areas by spreading awareness, building small networks, introducing online platforms and mobile banking, collaborating internationally, and investing in digital networks.

What are the benefits of financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion supports reliable and quick ways for remittance, encourages small businesses, and reduces poverty. Moreover, advanced finance managing tools are easy to access and low in cost.

How can we improve Pakistan's digital market?

Pakistan's digital market can be improved by encouraging financial inclusion in rural areas. Introducing modern tools for the online world, such as solid networking and reliable online banking, can improve Pakistan's digital market.

How does ACE Money Transfer support digital remittance to Pakistan?

ACE Money Transfer supports digital remittance in Pakistan by providing the fastest transactions. It supports digital tools such as mobile applications, cyber security, and online payment methods for quick money transfers from Pakistan to Ireland.  


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