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Cultural Quick-Start Guide for Pakistani Expats: Learn the Diverse Culture of Europe

01 Sep 2023

Europe, due to its strong economy and diverse culture, attracts millions of people from across the world. People from developing countries travel to Europe with hopes of getting employed there. Pakistanis are no exception.

Many people from Pakistan travel to Europe to find better employment opportunities to earn a living and then contribute financially to their family’s income through a money transfer to Pakistan regularly. Europe offers one of the largest multicultural living styles as people from across the globe migrate and settle here for several purposes like better education, career prospects, business, etc . Understanding such a diverse culture is essential for every Pakistani expat in Europe, and this article will provide worthy information in this regard.

A report by The Express Tribune, sourcing its data from the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, said that about 9.08 million Pakistani migrants are living abroad for work, education, and other purposes. Out of these, about 2.43 million Pakistani migrants are living and working in around 25 countries of the European Union.

These Pakistani migrants can easily find jobs in Europe because of the strong economy and thriving job market. But do you know how Europe fascinates them when they arrive in Europe? What is their biggest curiosity after they have landed in Europe?

Well, the simple answer is European culture.

When you travel to another country, you are pretty curious and excited about knowing its culture. You cannot describe your excitement in words. Imagine you travel to an area or region that offers you an opportunity to travel to many countries, not just one, without any troubles and hazards to explore as many cultures.

Europe is one such region, which offers you such a grand opportunity to travel across Europe and learn about the cultures of its member states. Each European country’s culture is unique and different from others. Therefore, exploring European culture is an amazing experience.

This blog will throw light on European culture and will also list some of the benefits of learning about it.

A Look into the Cultural Diversity of Europe

You work in Europe to earn a living and then send money to Pakistan to offer financial support to your family back home.


Take a look at the jobs and work programs that you can find abroad as a Pakistani migrant.

But is it that you work 24/7 and just do not find time to do anything else?

The answer is obvious. So, in your free time, you should move around and explore the city where you are living and learn about its culture.

Here’s a look into European culture.

Socialism is Largely Accepted

Although Europe is a cluster of several countries, each having its different systems of governance, you will find socialism largely practised and accepted across the European Union.

For example, social services like education and healthcare have become expensive and inaccessible in several Western countries, whereas, in most European countries, these services are not only accessible but also affordable.

Recycling is Essential

In European countries like Germany, you will find that people have deep respect for the environment. Therefore, reusable grocery bags are used and are the norm. Furthermore, you will be consigning glass, plastic, organic and plastic items to the designated bins for each item type.

24-Hour Clock

As part of the European culture, in most European countries, clocks are set in a 24-hour format, unlike elsewhere. So, if you are used to a 12-hour time format, you will have to adapt to this format as soon as you land in the EU.

WhatsApp is a Preferred Communication App

Although relatively new, it has soon become an integral part of the European culture to use WhatsApp for communication. In most of Europe, people prefer to use WhatsApp to communicate and connect.

Drinking Publicly is Normal

In Europe, drinking publicly is considered normal. Wine and beer are easily accessible. In addition, you will find many people drinking in public and even while they are travelling.

Wide Train Travelling

With an amazing transport and commuting network all across the European Union, people in Europe prefer to travel by train because they consider it safe and reliable. Travelling by train in Europe is an integral part of the European culture, which well-off segments of society also use.

Walking and Cycling are Priority

As a part of the European culture, remember that people love to move around and commute by cycle or by walk. And it is not only confined to those who cannot afford cars. Even those with the means to commute otherwise will also prefer to move around on cycles and by walking.

Let’s now see a few heritage sites that you must visit in your free time after serving your family financially through an online money transfer to Pakistan.

Europe’s Best Cultural Heritage Sites

Listed below are the heritage sites that you must visit during your stay in Europe.

  • Palace of Sintra, Portugal
  • Casa Batllo, Spain
  • Skokloster Castle, Sweden
  • Sanssouci, Germany
  • Stonehenge, England
  • Warsaw Old Town, Poland
  • Austrian National Library, Austria
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  • Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta
  • Palace of Versailles, France

Let’s now see how understanding the European culture benefits you.

A Few Benefits of Understanding Different Cultures

By understanding a different culture, or many for that matter, you will get the following few benefits.

  • You can comprehend the world better than you could before it
  • A diverse cultural understanding can inspire creativity and ignite innovation
  • Knowing about the local people helps you connect with them well
  • You become sensitive to what others do, prefer, and think
  • An understanding of another culture makes you more empathetic
  • Understanding another culture can make your correspondence with the locals better
  • With an understanding of a new culture, you face new encounters that refine your overall personality as an expatriate
  • As a migrant, you will be able to make new connections by having an understanding of their culture
  • By understanding another culture, you will not feel strange in another environment
  • An understanding of another culture helps you socialise better
  • Understanding the local culture of the country you have gone to for work is vital for your professional growth
  • Understanding another culture makes you more adaptable and flexible

These are some of the benefits of understanding another culture. And all of these benefits you cannot ignore as an expatriate earning a living in Europe.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

As a Pakistani migrant working in Europe, you send funds back to Pakistan to offer financial aid to your family back home. This warrants that you save money on your transfers so that your purpose of savings is served. This purpose is best served if you send money to Pakistan online with ACE Money Transfer, be charged a low fee, and get live and market-competitive exchange rates along with several other benefits from one window and deliver funds in just 7 seconds!


What is culture?

Culture is the traits and knowledge of a particular group of people that they live by and follow strictly. Culture defines their religion, language, cast, art, music habits, social habits, cuisine, and so on.

What understanding of culture is important?

By understanding another culture, you recognise the existence of several cultures, acknowledge all that forms a culture, respect people representing other cultures, respect and value all those other cultures bring to you, and celebrate and appreciate others.

Why do Pakistani migrants travel to Europe?

Pakistani migrants travel to Europe in search of jobs, high-quality education, a high living standard, and to enjoy the diversity of the region as it is a cluster of several countries, each one offering uniqueness.

What must I need to know about the European culture?

You must know that people in Europe prefer to walk or cycle if they want to commute, they use trains for long travels, drinking publicly is allowed, the time format is 24-hour, Europeans are friendly, and they are pretty sensitive about the environment. 

What are the benefits of understanding a culture?

A few benefits of understanding culture include mixing with the locals easily, empathising with them, becoming more accommodating and flexible, accepting diversity, socialising more and better, making new connections and expanding your network.


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