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Cultural Awareness While Traveling Abroad from the Gambia: Tips for Respectful and Responsible Tourism

Cultural Awareness While Traveling Abroad from the Gambia: Tips for Respectful and Responsible Tourism

15 Nov 2023

If you reside and/or work abroad, do you wish to become familiar with local customs as well as the best methods for quick and secure ways to send money to Gambia? You must be ready for many challenges when you relocate to a foreign country for work, study, or any other reason. 

Numerous Gambians relocate to Europe yearly, much like citizens of many other nations who do so in search of better employment opportunities in developed nations. They mainly relocate here to increase their income and send money back to Gambia to relieve financial strain and support their families. One must always be aware of the difficulties and obstacles one may encounter when relocating to a foreign country. 

Being "culturally aware" and "culturally sensitive" encompasses many factors to consider. Here are a few topics with which you can start an honest internal conversation or do some research to prepare yourself for your travels rather than trying to ignore or minimize the differences to avoid having to engage with them and risk feeling overwhelmed or out of your depth. Give Gambian expats some advice on how to travel responsibly and with respect.

What Does "Responsible Tourism" Mean?

Making decisions that minimize the negative effects of your travels and prioritize those that are neutral or positively contribute to your experience are the cornerstones of responsible travel. It's about taking a trip that is more beneficial to wildlife, the environment, and people. This strategy for tourism enables you to do several things, including lessen the negative effects of over-tourism, assist local and Indigenous communities, safeguard wildlife and natural resources, and more. 

Travellers who are responsible have the chance to give back to the areas and communities they visit, including those that Gambians are from. While addressing the needs of travellers, businesses, the environment, and host communities, responsible tourism fully considers the economic, social, and environmental impacts it has now and in the future.

Tips For Tourism From Gambia

When departing from the Gambia, while choosing the best ways to make a money transfer to Gambia, you also need to take these actions to respect and embrace cultural diversity: 

Prepare Yourself

Do some research and educate yourself about the places you intend to visit before you leave on your trip. Discover the regional traditions and customs. This will assist you in noticing, comprehending, and appreciating more of the cultural quirks you encounter and experience while travelling. 

Dress Properly

Observe regional dress codes and local customs when dressing. Learn about it beforehand so that you can keep it in mind both on the way there and once you arrive. 

Pick up a Few Basic Words

Take into account picking up some fundamental regional idioms. This is a great way to interact with the locals, shows effort, and is frequently very well-received. Simple salutations and "please" and "thank you" in the native tongue are always appreciated.

Be Intended When Taking Photos:

When you're travelling, it's tempting to take pictures of everything. And I understand that taking pictures with locals is enjoyable. However, taking pictures must be done with purpose and with respect for other people's cultures. Therefore, get their permission before taking any pictures of people; this is a simple way to encourage responsible travel. 

If you want to post a picture of someone on social media or another open platform, you should get their express permission first. This is especially crucial if the person is a child, a member of a minority group, comes from a different culture or belongs to another culture.

So how can you take photos while being a responsible tourist? Being deliberate and open about your intentions is the first step. Tell them, for instance, that you would like a picture of them for your travel blog. Simply asking for their permission is the second step! Request permission before posting the image on your blog or Instagram.

Be Curious and Open-Minded

Don't impose your worldview on the locals; instead, arrive with an open mind. Be open to adopting novel and unconventional viewpoints on life. Respect the local customs, traditions, and ways of being and doing things. Who knows, maintaining your curiosity and remaining open-minded might help you discover and come to value fresh perspectives on the world.

Connect with Gambian Communities

Participate in the Gambian expat communities, please. By doing so, you'll get to know many respectable Gambian expats and even learn the inside scoop about things like services for making online money transfers to Gambia.

Show Compassion

Try to develop empathy for the locals to strengthen your goodwill towards them. This entails being able to empathize with them and understand their feelings. No matter where you are in the world, you'll discover that people are all the same on the inside. All people share the same emotions and desire for happiness in life, regardless of their skin colour, clothing, religion, occupation, social class, or any other characteristic.

Even if you're thousands of miles away from home, being aware of this shared connection between people can help you connect with them and experience a sense of community. An incredibly beautiful moment can be experienced when two people halfway around the world share a smile, a laugh, a hug, a meal, a dance, or any other human experience. 

Participate In Regional Festivities Or Cultural Workshops:

If you're fortunate enough to time your trip to coincide with a local festival or celebration, think about going and fully immersing yourself in the experience. At festive times, sample local cuisine, participate in dances, and mingle with the populace. Consider attending workshops or classes to learn about traditional arts, crafts, dance, music, or cooking if you are not visiting during celebrations. 

You'll pick up new skills and develop a greater respect for the efforts made to preserve cultural heritage. There are so many to know about what is 'culture shock' and how to handle it. 

Know Your Impact And Practise Responsible Tourism:

Be aware of the effect you have on the neighbourhood and community. Support regional enterprises, artisans, and cultural projects. Rather than participating in activities that exploit or commercialize culture, seek real experiences that support and preserve regional customs. Respect wildlife, historical sites, and the natural world. Encourage tourism practices and event planners that put local communities and the environment first.

It's also crucial to recognize that big businesses, governments, and local authorities are in a position to make a significant portion of the change necessary to make travel more ethical and sustainable. They have the authority to limit the number of visitors, impose visitor taxes, change their business practices to be more environmentally friendly and alter their marketing strategies. However, you can ensure that your trip is as helpful and safe as possible by taking action as a traveller.

Travelling abroad can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it's crucial to be responsible and respectful when doing so. You can make your trip enjoyable by researching the local culture, abiding by local laws, patronizing nearby businesses, and being aware of your environmental impact. Being a responsible traveller also involves knowing a few basic words and phrases in the native tongue, being aware of local customs and laws, and practising ethical photography. 

Bottom Line 

Adapting to a new culture is not easy, but with the abilities mentioned above, you now understand how a Gambian expat can do so in another country. Do not forget that many other expats have gone through the same initial stages as you. 

The most frequent issue faced by expats when they relocate to a foreign country is budget adjustment. If you are having trouble sending money across borders, the most dependable source is ACE Money Transfer. Through ACE's cutting-edge remittance solutions, you can easily send money to Gambia online from Europe.


Where Can I Find Information About The Culture Of The Place I'm Visiting?

Learn about the history, customs, traditions, and social mores of the nation. Engage with online resources, watch documentaries, and read books. In addition, engaging with locals and taking part in cultural activities can offer firsthand knowledge and insights.

Why Is Being Culturally Aware Crucial When Traveling Abroad?

The ability to respect and appreciate the local traditions, customs, and way of life is made possible by having cultural awareness. It fosters good relationships, prevents cultural misunderstandings, and promotes responsible travel.

What Are Some Common Gestures Or Behaviors That Some Cultures Might Find Offensive?

Some cultures may find it offensive to touch someone's head point with your finger or show the soles of your feet. To avoid unintentionally offending someone, it's crucial to research and be aware of these cultural quirks.

Do I Need To Adhere To Any Particular Attire Rules When I'm Abroad?

Expectations regarding dress codes vary across nations. It's important to dress modestly, especially in places where people are religious or conservative. Pack clothing that covers your cleavage, knees, and shoulders after researching the regional traditions.


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