Terms and Conditions

  1. ACE Associates is ACE Money Transfer’s referral program available in only following countries;
    1. Pakistan
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Gambia
  2. Though ACE Associate Program, individuals residing in any of above countries can refer their friends and family to use ACE Money Transfer services and earn money.
  3. Referred individuals can only use services of ACE from UK, European Union, Canada, Australia and Switzerland only.
  4. ACE associates can invite unlimited friends and family members to join ACE Money Transfer.
  5. ACE Associate can earn reward as per following table on each successful referral;
    Country Reward on each successful referral Bonus Reward on 3 successful referrals Total Reward on 3 successful referrals
    (normal reward + bonus)
    Pakistan 3000 1000 10000
    Bangladesh 1000 500 3500
    Gambia 500 500 2000
  6. Successful Referral means that the referred person uses services of ACE and creates qualified transaction with ACE.
  7. A Qualified transactions with ACE means a transaction that fulfils following minimum threshold and also ultimately gets paid.
    Sending Currency Minimum Transaction Amount to Qualify for the Reward
    United Kingdom (UK) GBP 200
    Euro Zone (EUR) EUR 200
    Australia (AUD) AUD 200
    Poland (PLN) PLN 1000
    Canada (CAD) CAD 350
    Norway (NOK) NOK 2000
    Sweden (SEK) SEK 2000
    Denmark (DKK) DKK 1500
    Romania (RON) RON 1200
    Switzerland (CHF) CHF 250
  8. Associates can withdraw their earning at any time in their own bank accounts or own mobile wallets account. There are minimum withdrawal limits as per following table.
    Country Minimum Withdrawal Amount Withdrawal Options
    Pakistan 10000 To any Bank or Mobile Wallet account in own Name
    Bangladesh 3500 To any Bank or Mobile Wallet account in own Name
    Gambia 2000 To any Bank or Mobile Wallet account in own Name
  9. The rewards earned by an associate under this referral program will be credited to the associate’s available credits shown in his login/ACE Account.
  10. Rewards stored on the Website are reward points and not monetary value. Reward points will be converted to equivalent monetary value once credited to a bank account.
  11. If a persons is referred by more than one associate then reward will be given to only that associate whose referral link/code is used by referred person to sign-up/register with ACE.
  12. The referred person must be a genuine and first-time user of the ACE Money transfer app or website.
  13. Associates can withdraw their credits to their own individual bank or wallet accounts only. Withdrawal requests to any other person’s accounts or to a commercial or business account will not be facilitated.
  14. One bank account/wallet can only be linked with one profile/associate. If a bank account is identified as being linked with more than one profile, this will be considered a deceitful activity, and subsequent measures will be taken as per Company’s Fraud Policy. Action may include but are not limited to holding and freezing a wallet balance, subtracting balance from a wallet, or blockage of Associates’ account or combination of all these.
  15. It is your responsibility to ensure that your correct payout details are submitted. We shall not be responsible for any Payable Cashback being sent to an incorrect destination where you have provided incorrect details. Such payments may not be recoverable.
  16. Use of ACE’s Associate program shall amount to the acceptance of the FAQs and Terms and Conditions in force at that time.
  17. Terms and Conditions, as well as the Promotion FAQs, are intended to be legally binding.
  18. ACE Money Transfer may ask you and your friend for additional KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation to fulfil ACE’s KYC responsibilities for fraud prevention and/or its obligations under local and global regulations.
  19. You may not be able to use the Services or some features of the Services if you are located in certain regions, countries, or jurisdictions.
  20. The associate will be responsible for any personal, advance, and/or withholding tax due to rewards earned from this offer under local tax laws. ACE Money Transfer accepts no liability, therefore
  21. ACE may reject or cancel any invite a friend request/referral, or subsequent reward for any discrepancy found in the request or if we find that the feature has been misused in any way, like appended examples:
    • Self-referral
    • Inviting existing ACE registered customers; and
    • Creating multiple or non-genuine accounts
    • Non-compliance with applicable law or regulation in any jurisdiction
    • Using any content that is untrue or defamatory to this program.
    • Qualified transaction created by the referred customer is cancelled.
  22. We may revise the FAQs and Terms and Conditions at any time at our discretion if needed.
  23. ACE reserves the right to cancel or suspend this promotion at any time.
  24. Rewards are subject to verification. The Company may delay a Reward for investigation or any other reason it deems appropriate. The Company may also refuse to verify and process any transaction that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these Terms and Conditions or the Company’s Privacy Policy, or believes will impose potential liability on Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents. All of the Company's decisions are final and binding, including decisions as to whether a Qualified Referral, Credit or Reward is verified.