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The Safest Method To Send Money To Philippines From Australia - Everything To Know

06 Jul 2023

According to a report by the World Bank, the Philippines had a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $394.09 in 2021. In another report, the World Bank said that the GDP per capita income of the Philippines in 2021 was $3,460.5. These figures do not paint too gloomy an economic picture, but these, combined with other factors, including population growth and straining resources, create financial distress for the Filipinos. 

Some of them try to travel to developed countries like Australia to find good jobs and earn a living and send money to Philippines to support their families financially.

A Brief Background About Why Filipinos Try to Find Safest Methods To Transfer Remittances

You go away from your family and loved ones and leave your comfort zone and support network only if compelled by your needs and circumstances. These needs rear their head due to financial issues you face.

This is exactly the case with Filipinos.

They travel to Australia and other developed countries for want of work because they are unable to live and sustain a decent living in their country of origin. Their financial woes make putting food on the table difficult.

Since they undergo these hazards to earn a living, they are particularly conscious about their money and more so in the wake of rising online scams.

Therefore, they try to find a service provider they can trust. It is in this context that finding the safest mode to transfer funds gains critical importance.

Scams and frauds are aplenty in digital financial matters. And not knowing the modus operandi of the scammers, nor about the types, your safest bet is to find a trustworthy financial service.

If you are interested in learning about how to safeguard yourself from online scams, click here: How To Stay Safe While Sending Money Online.

This is the primary reason why you want to search for a safe method to transfer funds.


Let’s now take a quick look at the Australian economy and a few reasons why you feel comfortable working there.

Australia: Economy And A Few Reasons To Work There

  • Australia had a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.55 trillion in 2021, a World Bank report said.
  • Its GDP per capita income was $60,443.1 in 2021, according to another World Bank report.

Pension And Post-Retirement Benefits

Once you decide to retire in Australia after reaching retirement age, the government acts generously to pay you back. On becoming eligible for an age pension, you will get payments in your account every two weeks.

You will get discounts and concessions on several health and life essentials.

A Safe And Neutral Country

Australia is ranked the 2nd safest country on the Global Child Safety Index. It has a welcoming and accommodating environment and a low crime rate. Furthermore, the country is known for its political neutrality as the country does not get involved in international conflicts, etc.

High Quality Of Life

Australia has a high quality of life, offering you chances to study in top-notch educational institutions, multiple job opportunities in a wide range of sectors, high wages and salaries with relatively low costs of living, a clean environment, and safety.

No wonder then that the Filipinos go to Australia to find work which they essentially find, and then send money to Philippines online to support their families financially.

Now, let’s see how you can choose the safest method to send money to the Philippines from Australia.

How Can You Choose The Safest Method To Transfer Remittances?

Although the following tips will help you find the safest method, the one critically important point is to exercise caution in the first place.

Find Reputable Service Providers Only

A less-known service provider may offer you several benefits, but their claims will disappear in thin air as soon as you happen to do business with them. On the other hand, they will dupe you in every way possible after attracting you with rosy claims.

Therefore, make sure to do thorough research to find a reputable company. And a reputable company will speak through its services instead of painting rosy pictures alone.

Learn Scams And Stay Updated

Knowing about some of the most popular online frauds, like Phishing, etc., alone is not enough; critically important, it indeed is. But more important is to keep updated about these crimes as the modus operandi keeps evolving with time.

Use Unique And Complicated Passwords

Cybersecurity experts lay great emphasis on this. It is essential to use passwords that are unique and rather awkward. It is better to use phrases that stand in conflict with your overall personality.

It is important because you normally choose passwords that relate to you, your life, and your personality one way or the other and are easy to judge.

Always remember to keep changing your passwords regularly, no matter how unique and complicated they are.

Check Details Of Your Money Transfer To Philippines Repeatedly

While you enter the details of the recipient in the app or other platforms, make sure to cross-check the details again and again, to remove errors, as a minor error can divert funds elsewhere.

Keep Your Receipts

You get notifications and receipts after the completion of every transaction. Always keep these safe and never discard them, as these help you increase your online security.

These steps will help you stay safe regardless of which service you choose, with whatever method to transfer funds.

ACE Money Transfer – A Secure Remittance Service

Online money transfer to Philippines or elsewhere with ACE Money Transfer is secure to the point where the scammers are only left to scratch their heads about breaching it. Speed, live exchange rates, low fees and other benefits are icing on the cake in the company’s remittance services.


What is the safest method to send money from Australia to the Philippines?

There are several secure methods to send money from Australia to the Philippines. These include bank transfers and online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. Always ensure to use a trusted and reputable service for your transactions.

Are online money transfer services safe for sending money to the Philippines?

Yes, online money transfer services are generally safe, especially if they're reputable and have robust security measures in place. However, it's crucial to be wary of scams and only use recognised platforms.

How long does it take to send money from Australia to the Philippines?

The duration depends on the method used. Bank transfers may take a few days, while online money transfer services can often send money instantly or within a few hours.

Are there any limits to how much money I can send from Australia to the Philippines?

Yes, the limits depend on the service provider and sometimes on the regulations of both countries. It's best to check the specific limits of your chosen money transfer service before making the transaction.

Can I track my money transfer from Australia to the Philippines?

Yes, most reputable money transfer services provide a way for you to track your transfer. This could be via email updates, text messages, or a tracking number that you can check on their website or mobile app. ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app and website are the best examples to learn how to track your transfers.



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