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Ensuring Safe Online Transactions: Advice for Gambians in Germany

14 May 2024

Do you need to be reminded of your finances when you hail from the Gambia? More so, when you travel to Germany from the Gambia to earn a living so that you can offer financial support to your family through your every money transfer from Germany to Gambia?

Well, the answer is obvious. After you know the answer, what are you most careful about when making online money transfers nowadays?


It is about the speed, fees, exchange rates, and safety, right? Agreed.

But then what of all of these takes precedence over all else?

Close enough, most of you are!

It is the safety of funds and the transactions, and claps for those guessing it right!

This blog talks about online safety tips for being secure while sending funds online.

Essential Tips to Be Optimally Safe and Secure While Remitting  

Around 150,000 Gambians are working in different countries worldwide. A report by the Arnold Bergstraesser Institut stated that over 14,500 Gambians live and work in Germany.

All of these Gambian migrants have been working hard enough, but in 2022, they could send a little over $500 million in inward remittances to the Gambia, a World Bank report said.

Do you still need more statistics to realize how critically important it is to exercise care when sending money online to Gambia from Germany?

Well, the fact that inward remittances to developing countries serve as an economic lifeline, with the Gambia still grappling with such a meager amount, is enough to draw your open-mouthed rapt attention to the following online safety tips.

Conduct Thorough Research and Choose Your Online Service Provider Carefully

You earn a living in a foreign land to offer financial support back home, preferably through online money transfer service providers. Therefore, before entrusting any service provider with your hard-earned money, thoroughly search for a credible one with an excellent reputation of global resonance.

Yep, thoroughly!

You can check the credibility of a service provider by looking at fees, currency exchange rates, and how the funds will be delivered.

If your search for this information about a particular service provider is not satisfactory, you may well choose another provider.

Never Use an Open or Public Wi-Fi Connection

One of the most significant risks you can face in a developed country like Germany is the availability of open Wi-Fi connections. But you have never seen it from the perspective discussed here, right? While you board a bus or a train or even go to a shopping mall or a restaurant, you will find open internet connections.

It is tempting to connect to these connections, mainly when you know they cost you nothing.

But remember that this is a sure recipe for trouble because open internet connections are easy to hack. So, when you connect to an open Wi-Fi connection, you become prone to hacking. Many people, in naivety, connect to open internet connections to do what, you know?

To send money to Gambia from Germany and fall prey to scammers!

Only Use Authorised, Safe, and Encrypted Websites

Another tip is only to use authorized, safe, and encrypted websites when surfing the internet. A simple way to check whether a website you are visiting is secure is to find the ‘S’ at the start of its address.

For example, ‘HTTPS://WWW.ABC.COM

The letter ‘S’ at the start of the address refers to ‘Safe.’

Visiting such sites minimizes the chances of getting scammed and hacked.

Log Out of Every Banking Session on Your Apps

Given that you use mobile apps for different financial purposes, such as paying your utility bills, school fees, rent, and so on, make sure to log out of every banking session manually.

Remember that a banking session does not necessarily refer to using a bank’s mobile app. It is equally valid to refer to the mobile app of your remittance transfer service provider.

Therefore, some apps will log you out automatically, whereas from certain apps, you will have to log out yourself.

Be extremely careful when using such apps.

No no… Wait…

It does not mean you should doubt their security parameters. It’s simply that certain service providers’ apps are designed like this. Simple!

Beware and Learn About Online Scams

Can you protect yourself from a danger that is afoot if you have no idea about it?

Yes, you have answered it correctly! You cannot.

Similarly, if you are unaware of online scams and lack awareness, your chances of falling prey to one or many online frauds increase manifold. Therefore, it is critically important for you to learn about online scams and raise awareness.

Follow everything to keep yourself protected from different types of online fraud and scammers' modus operandi.

Take a look at a few brief statistics below.

·       About $12.5 billion were lost to online scams in recent years

·       Around $4.6 billion was lost to investment fraud, followed by the Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams

·       Tech Support scams accounted for about $0.9 billion in losses

Use Strong and Awkward Passwords and Double-Authentication

When it comes to creating passwords, you tend to add some information regarding your life and family, such as your date of birth, your pet’s name, and so on. This practice is dangerous and leaves you prone to hacking, as such passwords are easy to guess and crack.

Use long and awkward passwords instead, and bear nothing concerning you or your life and family.

Furthermore, always use double authentication when you access your phone or a specific app installed on it.

Every smartphone offers double authentication with biometric verification, face recognition, and fingerprints.

So, always remember to use all or most of these authentication tools.

Make Dotting Your I’s and Cutting Your T’s a Strong Habit

Are you sure that you cannot err while filling in the credentials on the app when sending money online?

Well, you are overconfident if your answer is affirmative and realistic if it’s not!

Therefore, make it a solid habit to check the details repeatedly before proceeding. Once you start doing it, you will only realize how many I’s and T’s you must dot and cut!

ACE Money Transfer’s Services are a Fine Blend of Optimal Safety and Financial Benefits

You can get several financial benefits wrapped in optimal safety if you choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Gambia from Germany.

The firm offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates and charges a low fee that is only a small percentage of the amount being transferred. Furthermore, you can enjoy a seamless online money transfer experience with the firm, with swift funds delivery that only adds to your money’s safety and keeps scammers at an unbridgeable distance from your financial transactions.


What is online safety?

Online safety refers to protecting your data and all the details you share digitally with the world. It also means being careful about threats and dangers online and taking appropriate measures to guard against them.

Why is online safety important?

Your online safety is essential because the world has primarily shrunk to your smartphone and the internet. You use the internet for almost everything, including transferring money online and managing your finances, and you save your data on your phone. Therefore, your online safety is essential to secure all your data.

How can I stay safe online?

You can ensure your online safety simply by choosing your financial service provider with care, using strong passwords and seeking expert financial advice. It can also be done by logging out of every banking session, learning about online scams, checking the details of a transaction repeatedly before finally proceeding, visiting secure websites, and not using public Wi-Fi connections.

What happens if I lower my online safety guard?

If you lower your online safety guard, you are likely to fall victim to online fraud and scams, all of which have one common objective: fleece you. Different online scams have other titles and modus operandi, but they all boil down to snatching away your money.

Are my online money transfers secure with ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, your online money transfers with ACE Money Transfer are safe and secure. The firm has multi-layered security around its remittance transfer operations. In addition, the firm delivers funds at a speed fast enough to create a huge and unbridgeable gap between the transactions and scammers.


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