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Do You No Longer Need a Bank Account in 2023? - Everything to Know

06 Dec 2023

Aside from keeping your money safe and allowing you to earn interest, bank accounts provide you with several benefits. But when it comes to money transfers you might not prefer bank transfers and instead opt for money transfer service providers depending upon a few factors. 

Which type of account is suitable for you may also depend on how you choose to access your money. An online money transfer is a good choice if you don't frequently send money. However, those who frequently need to deposit cash would be better suited to having a physical bank account.

So let's quickly dive into the factors you should look upon while deciding if you should have a bank account for managing your money transfers or if you should opt for money transfer service providers in 2023.


Factors to Consider During a Money Transfer

Following are a few factors that you should look at before deciding how you wish to make any global money transfer 


Exchange Rate

The foreign exchange market, with a daily volume of almost $5 trillion, is the largest industry in the world. This amounts to $220 billion each hour on average, to put things in context. Due to the ability of businesses and individuals to enter and exit the market instantly, it is also the most liquid market in the entire world. 

Due to its liquidity, it is an extremely appealing speculative tool for traders hoping to profit from daily price changes, and about 90% of the traded volume is solely speculative. The other 10% of the market, which is occupied by businesses and individuals wishing to send their hard-earned money abroad, is vulnerable to sudden changes around the time of their transfers. You can learn more about the global exchange market trend in 2023 through ACE Money Transfer's blog: Where is the Global Exchange Market Moving? Things to Expect in 2023.

To ensure the best value for your international money transfer, getting the best exchange rate is essential. Remember that you could save a lot of money if the exchange rate was better for a large sum of money. 

ACE Money Transfer acknowledges the efforts of its customers and makes sure that their hard-earned money is put to good use. ACE Money Transfer provides the lowest exchange rate making the transfers economical. 



Fees are another significant cost element when transferring money abroad, in addition to the exchange rate. You should be aware of the foreign bank receiving fees as well as international money transfer fees since both banks and currency specialists impose fees.

If you know that the money transfer service you are using is not charging excessive fees just for it, especially when the banks are already making sizable sums on the rate, it can make you feel more at peace. Some local banks can charge between R 500 and R 800 for each international money transfer. 


The reputation of International Money Transfer Providers

When sending money abroad, money transfer service providers are becoming a more common alternative to banks. It is crucial to ascertain whether the specific service is licensed by the proper regulatory authority to handle international money transfers before handing over your money. 


ACE Money Transfer is one of the most reputable and reliable remittance service providers. ACE is verified by MasterCard and Visa. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has complete regulatory authority over them. Furthermore, they are registered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). 



The ease of the entire process is a vital consideration as well. Banks have a bad reputation for having onerous FICA regulations, application forms, and turnaround times to get you started.

These days, physically entering a branch and waiting in line is not necessary. As a result, if you find yourself waiting at the branch for your ticket number to be called, you are probably not going to appreciate the interaction and would be better suited working with a brokerage that comes to you. 


Customer Service

In case you run into issues or have questions, having assistance available is always advantageous. In case of problems like delays or non-arrival of funds, make sure the remittance firm you select has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer care.

When you have worked so hard for your money, you need to ensure that the transfer is made in a trustworthy manner, and if you need any assistance, the relationship manager who will answer your call should prioritize your needs. 

Bottom line

As the technology world is advancing, online money transfers are noticeably increasing. People prefer to send money online besides waiting in long queues. However, you should take into account the above-mentioned factors before deciding how you wish to send money. 

ACE Money Transfer has a highly professional team that strives to make their services better for their esteemed customers. Their team is available 24/7 for their customers and helps them out with any kind of issue. ACE is approved by several regulations making them one of the reliable options. 


Is it true that you no longer need a bank account in 2023, and if so, why?

While it's not entirely true that you no longer need a bank account, 2023 has seen a significant shift in the financial landscape. Alternative financial services and digital wallets have become more accessible, making it possible for some individuals to manage their finances without traditional bank accounts.

What are the alternatives to traditional bank accounts that are becoming more popular in 2023?

Some popular alternatives include digital wallets like PayPal and mobile banking apps provided by fintech companies. Cryptocurrencies and prepaid debit cards are also gaining traction as alternatives to traditional bank accounts.

How does the shift away from traditional bank accounts impact financial services like savings, payments, and lending?

The shift has led to increased competition and innovation in financial services. Digital wallets offer easy payment solutions, and fintech companies provide various savings and lending products. Consumers have more options to choose from, potentially resulting in better rates and convenience.


What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of forgoing a bank account and relying solely on alternative financial services in 2023?

Advantages include flexibility, accessibility, and lower fees. However, disadvantages can include limited access to certain financial products and potential security concerns, as digital systems may be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Are there any specific risks or considerations to be aware of when opting to not have a bank account in the year 2023?

Yes, individuals should consider factors such as the availability of alternative services in their region, the security of their chosen financial tools, and their specific financial needs. It's essential to carefully research and assess the options available before making this decision.

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