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Combatting Cybercrime: Protecting Your Remittances to Bangladesh and Personal Information while Living in Italy

30 Apr 2024

Are you looking for secure ways to send money to Bangladesh from Italy? Cybercrime is becoming common with the advancement of technology. Hackers worldwide are creating unique ways to access personal and financial information. Expats are at high risk of cybercrime. Cybercrimes involve data damage, monetary fraud, and loss of sensitive information. Almost $9.22 trillion has been lost due to cybercrime. More than 422 million individuals suffered cyber crimes. In 2022, the cyber security market in Italy reached up to 2 billion Euros.      

At the beginning of 2023, 84% of cybercrime issues were reported. Malware is a common security issue for Italians, and identity fraud is the least, with a ratio of 10%. Considering the high cybercrime rate in Italy, Bangladeshi expats should protect their online security. Maintaining online security is no longer a challenge. There are plenty of advanced features to stay safe. As expats must make maximum online money transfers, choose a secure remittance service to prevent cybercrimes. Explore the article to learn the ways to protect your remittance and personal info:    

7 Ways to Protect Your Online Remittance from Italy to Bangladesh

Your remittance transfer service is crucial in securing your finances and personal information. Adopting illegal ways or a little carelessness in managing security can cause you to suffer greatly. The following seven steps will help you maintain your online security for making easy money transfer from Italy to Bangladesh:   

Choose Legal Remittance Services

Choosing a legal remittance service can resolve your maximum security concerns. Legal and renowned remittance services keep their clients' data secure. They ensure a safe channel between you and the recipient. Moreover, a reliable remittance transfer service offers advanced techniques to protect your personal information. ACE Money Transfer Facilitates clients with advanced features like biometrics, 2FA, and encryption to ensure a safe flow of remittance transfers.   

Select an Appropriate Transaction Method

Selecting an appropriate way of transaction is also necessary. Avoid trusting usual websites over the internet for your transactions. Use secure ways like card payments, bank transfers, Google Pay, remittance transfer services, and digital wallets. Always connect your banks with your online transactions to increase your security. Online remittance transfer is easy to tackle because you can monitor your transactions. Also, you can secure your accounts with multiple layers of protection. 

Keep Your Data Hidden

As an expat, Italian culture and people will be unfamiliar to you. In this new environment, make friends but avoid trusting everyone blindly. You must not share your personal information with anyone, even your family. Any unwanted access to your account can leak all your personal information. Keep your credit card password, account details, and personal documents safe.

Use Secure Devices   

Using secure devices means using virus-free devices with a secured network. Firstly, personalize your devices. Avoid sharing your devices with anyone. Keep a private internet connection and use a VPN to make transactions. A secure device will help you make secure money transfers to Bangladesh. By safeguarding your devices, you can minimize the risk of cyber threats and ensure a safe digital experience for international transfers.  

Use Unique Passwords    

Using strong and unique passwords for every account should be a priority for every expat. Your accounts contain all the necessary information. So, keep strong passwords with upper and lower case alphabets, numerics, and special characters. Such passwords take a lot of effort to be traced. Avoid adding your name and birth date on passwords because they are easy to crack. Also, you can apply Applock to your mobile apps to ensure a safe online money transfer from Italy to Bangladesh

Monitor Your Accounts

Monitoring your accounts is easy. For instance, monitoring and updating your account is necessary if you are making transactions through digital wallets or mobile applications. Keep an eye on all the transactions. Update proper records and learn how to send money to Bangladesh from Italy through online remittance services. Contact customer service to resolve your issues and monitor your accounts.  

Apply Advance Security Techniques

In this world, there are numerous options for managing the security of digital accounts. Always adopt advanced techniques such as biometrics, face detection, and encryption. ACE Money Transfer encourages expats to guard their accounts through encryption, SSL, 2FA, fingerprint, strong passwords, and fraud detection. These are the most advanced features that enable high security so you can securely send money to Bangladesh online from Italy. It protects your remittance and secures your data. 

Learn more: How to stay safe when sending money online.

Role of Remittance Services for Securing Personal Information

Legal and recognized remittance services ensure your personal information stays safe and you make a safe transaction. Individuals who choose services registered with fake protocols suffer from identity fraud and money laundering theft. The following points will help you understand the role of remittance services:                  

Customer Service

Some remittance services offer customer support, which makes the transaction process more accessible. ACE Money Transfer provides reliable customer service that is here to resolve the issues of expats 24/7.

Secure Remittance

You can easily trust legal remittance services. Always read the reviews of a service and then transact your money. Remittance companies are secure because they allow you to track your process and monitor the transaction record.

Strict Rules

Recognized and legal remittance transfer services use strict rules and regulations necessary for senders and receivers of remittances. These rules ensure a secure and instant money transfer to Bangladesh from Italy.

Italy is a culturally enriched land that welcomes everyone. Many Bangladeshi people are living in Italy to earn better. A legal and secure remittance transfer service is crucial for expats because it keeps their online identity and financial information safe. Expats often send large amounts for businesses and investments, which requires careful consideration of remittance services. As Italy suffers from high cybercrime rates, expats should take appropriate measures. Use secure remittance services, choose a transaction method carefully, use strong passwords, use personal internet, and install VPN and antivirus software. Moreover, update your accounts and turn on advanced security features.

Strengthening Cybersecurity: Measures to Combat Online Threats!

As an expat, you must choose your remittance transfer service wisely because you may need to make many international transactions. You can send money online from Italy to Bangladesh to invest in business, financially help families, or invest in your skills. Due to the alarming condition of cybercrime rates, opting for possible security measures is necessary. Look for a convenient medium to send money safely and at low rates. Compare exchange rates, service charges, and transaction time of a service and choose one with low rates and high customer ratings.

Ensure your remittance service follows all the advanced security tactics. While making online money transfers to Bangladesh, use fingerprint locks, face detections, and strong and unique passwords. Turn on two-factor authentication and message alerts for unauthorized access. ACE Money Transfer is a globally recognized remittance transfer service with advanced techniques like SSL, 2FA, encryption, and fraud filtration. By ensuring all these points, you can secure your remittance and put a guard on your online security. As an expat, you must carefully handle your identity documents and personal devices for greater security.


How can expats protect their remittance in Italy?

Expats can protect their remittances using secure services, safe transaction methods, and advanced security features like encryption and biometrics.

How do you secure personal information while sending money to Bangladesh through online remittance services?

Keep your devices safe and avoid sharing them with others. Avoid sharing ordinal identity documents with strangers. Avoid discussing your finances or sharing passwords with friends or family to secure your personal information.

What are the advanced security techniques?

Advanced security techniques include biometrics (finger and thumbprint), face detection, encryption SSL( Secure Socket Layer), fraud monitoring, and tracking processes.

How do you choose a reliable remittance transfer company?

Compare transfer rates, fee structure, and exchange rates of a company. Choose a legal remittance transfer company with high customer ratings, transaction speed, and advanced security features.

Is ACE Money Transfer safe for sending money to Bangladesh online from Italy?

ACE Money Transfer is a registered company with over 1.3 million satisfied customers. It is one of the safest ways to send money to Bangladesh because of its features like SSL, encryption, biometrics, and fraud detection. Moreover, ACE ensures the security of your data and allows you to track your transaction process.

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