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5 Online Security Hacks for Expats in 2024

08 May 2024

The life of an expatriate comes with multiple bounties and complexities. Every expat must learn security tactics to stay safe and make secure global money transfers. This digital world has introduced the easiest and most reliable ways of online money transactions and removed the financial gaps among people. However, it also comes with various security threats.   

Security concerns like device hacking, access to sensitive data, non-protective WiFis, and phishing attacks are emerging as riskiest practices. Due to security risks and trust issues, expats hesitate to use online means of transactions. Keep your devices updated and clear unnecessary stuff so that antivirus software runs smoothly.  

Cybercrime has become common in various parts of the world due to a lack of security considerations for individuals. There are multiple ways to deal with security issues, such as protecting your data from unauthorized access and living a happy life. This article will teach you about security hacks to guard your personal information.     

What is Online Security Theft for Expats?

Online security theft means online criminal acts that can cause financial damage and loss of personal details like bank account numbers, credit and debit card details, phone numbers, and identity codes. In 2022, almost 422 million people suffered cyber security threats through breaches, online scams, and data leaks in the U.S. Almost 800,000 people are targeted yearly. Every 22 seconds, the FTC receives an online theft case. The following are the common security thefts for expats.

Online Fraud

Online fraud has become common, especially when you make huge payments through online methods. You can prevent online fraud by contacting authentic websites to make safe transfers worldwide. 

Learn more about how to stay safe when sending money online.

Identity Theft

Expats may be at a higher risk of identity theft due to the various documents and personal information. Cybercriminals can use personal information to commit crimes. Avoid sharing your personal information or identity documents to prevent identity theft.

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks include viruses, worms, or ransomware that can infect your devices and endanger their hacking. Expats should be cautious when downloading files or clicking on suspicious links because they may contain malware. Keep your devices updated with the latest security software and use robust antivirus software to protect against malware.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Online Security

Every well-developed country has introduced online systems to make things easier for individuals. Therefore, online security plays a crucial role in the lives of expats because most of their tasks depend on their digital wallets. Expatriates frequently use online platforms to manage finances, transfer money internationally, pay bills, and access different essentials.

Avoid trusting or relying on others for your financial transactions. Keep your personal and sensitive information confidential. Before making any money transfer, ensure the authenticity of the service and look for possible security measures. Following are the tips for maintaining online security for expatriates:

Strong Security Passwords

The first step every individual must consider is having a strong security password. Accounts with weak passwords are easy to hack. Always strengthen your password by adding upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters like asterisks or underscores. Choose a unique password and avoid including your birthday dates or your name in it because they are easy to guess.

Avoid setting the same password for every account because if a single account gets hacked, all your accounts will be endangered. Always apply double passwords on mobile applications and mobile locks. By using solid and double passwords, you can ensure your online security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Applying two-factor authentication can strengthen your account and mobile apps. It is a security system that requires users to provide two different authentication factors before accessing the account. It is like having a double lock. Even if someone cracks your password, he will still be unable to access your account. The ACE Money Transfer mobile application enables two-factor authentication to enhance digital security and promote safe online transfers.

2FA is also known as multi-factor authentication. It enquires about three things: the PIN (a secret PIN that is either generated on time or the user already knows), the user device (the name, brand or model of the device on which the account is active), user verification (biometric, fingerprint, face detection). These three steps are beneficial in enhancing your online security.

Verification of Source

Expats often gets targeted by phishing scams. So, you should be careful when you open emails, especially if they have unexpected attachments or links. Always verify the sender's legitimacy before clicking on anything. Check for the authenticity of the source. You can use email filtering tools and educate yourself about common phishing tactics to protect yourself.

Always ensure the source's credibility. While choosing remittance services, look for authenticity to prevent scams or fraud. You may find companies registered under fake serials or illegal companies. Be aware of them and choose the service after proper research.

Maintain Device Security

Always lock your devices with passcodes, PINs, or biometric authentication. Install antivirus and anti-malware software to protect against harmful software. If your device gets lost or stolen, you can remotely erase your data to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Turn on security alerts to get notified about suspicious activity so you can send money abroad without fearing online theft.

Always keep a backup of your data. If your device loses memory, you should have a backup for your online identity. Keep your phones updated and run antivirus daily to scan viruses.

Use Secure Internet

Avoid using public or open WiFi and ensure using of secure networks. VPN can also be life-saving because it encrypts your internet connection and guards you from unauthorized access. Choose a reliable internet service to make online transactions, and turn on a VPN to protect your online activities.

Always use strong passwords for your WiFi. Use a firewall to monitor and control your network traffic. A firewall is like a gatekeeper that checks all the data that comes from the internet on your device.

How does ACE Money Transfer Ensure the security of expats?

ACE is a well-known and reputed remittance service provider focused on expat security. The mobile application of ACE comprises all modern security techniques like two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, identity verification, fraud monitoring, and SSL technology. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology has been introduced by ACE, which ensures that every step you take to make a money transaction is safe. It guards the data shared between two parties from unauthorized access.

While sending money abroad, expats need help trusting an organization, but ACE is always here to help you. You can track the process of your money transactions and make secure transfers to your country. Moreover, ACE keeps all your data safe, and you can save your details on the mobile app without fearing fraud.

As an expat, you must prioritize online security while sending money because a little security mishap can cause big trouble. You must know how to secure your online data and information in an unknown country. Expats are at higher risk of identity fraud, so ensure security measures like keeping solid passwords, applying two-factor authentication, and verifying the authenticity of emails and messages. Always use a secure network connection. Using a VPN is preferred while transferring money to other countries. Moreover, keep your devices updated and regularly use antivirus software to detect suspicious activity.

The ACE Assurance: Never Compromise on Security

For every expat, it is mandatory to take security measures on time to protect themselves from online thefts. Technology has brought many benefits in this modern world, but some people are misusing these tricks to commit fraud. As an expat, you must carefully choose your remittance transfer company because you must make all the money transactions through this. A remittance service provider holds all necessary information because they must use the data to make distant transactions.

Choose a remittance service that ensures security. ACE Money Transfer provides protection to your data and never compromises the security of your money transactions. You can send money online to different countries while enjoying your online security with ACE. As an expat, avoid trusting anyone with your data handling and avoid sharing your personal information with anyone. It would help if you used stronger passwords and private Wi-Fi to keep your devices safe and secure.


What are the common security threats for expats?

Stealing personal information, losing sensitive information, and accessing finance can be common security thefts for expats. Moreover, identity theft, malware attacks, unauthorized access, and online fraud while sending money abroad can also cause disturbance in the life of an expat. 

How do we maintain online security?

You can maintain online security by keeping solid passwords for all your accounts, avoiding revealing your personal information on social media accounts, using two-factor authentication, regularly updating your devices, keeping a backup, and installing antivirus software.

What is online security?

Online security means taking measures to prevent online theft. It includes safeguarding your mobile phone's bank accounts from unauthorized access.

How does ACE Money Transfer ensure the online security of expats?

ACE ensures the online security of expats by providing SSL technology, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, identity verification, and fraud monitoring.

How do you prevent online scams while transferring money?

You can prevent online scams by choosing a reputable and authentic money transactions service. Moreover, increase your online security by applying encryptions and strong passwords.

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